Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Poet Warrior Meets the Misty Water on the Flowers

Which horse is the favorite at Ezzain Arabians? That is too much to ask of one person, considering that Ezzain, in Kuwait, is home to many elegant and classic Egyptian Arabian Horses. There are the finest horses purchased from Katharinenhof, Ansata, Al Nakeeb and other breeders, known the world over for the outstanding horses produced. It is not an easy choice. Mr. Usamah Alkazemi has assembled a spectacular group of horses to bring his vision of the classic Arabian Horse to life, bearing the name "EZZAIN". So, the search for the favorite Ezzain horse must start at the beginning, with the senior stallion: Ansata Al Murtajiz (Ansata Hejazi x Ansata Samsara). When I looked at his pedigree, on paper, I became very excited, as this stallion traces not only in his dam's tail female line but his sire as well, to one of my favorite Ansata foundation mares: *Ansata Bint Misr, a Sameh daughter out of *Ansata Bint Bukra. The eyes of Ansata Al Murtajiz are incredibly large, lustrous and black, as well as the size and shape of his jowls and the way the head is attached to the neck, creating one of the finest throatlatches that I have ever seen.

The second part is especially sweet. This picture of Nada (Adnan x Nashua) brings tears to my eyes. She is a double Salaa El Dine grandaughter, as both her sire and her dam claim him as their sire. Through Nashua, Nada traces to Kamla, who produced Hadban Enzahi by Nazeer. There are beautiful moments in life and then, there are moments when the word "beautiful" is not enough of a word to describe the feeling... and the only thing we can do is to give thanks to God for the eyes that allow us to see such overwhelming beauty, as this mare. She is the misty water on the flowers, the tears of the angels, who marvel over the work of God's hands.

The Arabian Horse, is all about beauty and the joy that this beauty brings into a human's life, even, if for only a few moments. For how many thousands of years has this breed been doing the same thing? Inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, mesmerizing, amazing people with their beauty?The beauty is the main selling point of the breed. How many paintings, sketches, drawings, poems, essays, short stories, songs, books, plays and movies, have been made, as a result of the beauty of the Arabian Horse? And so, we come to the last part, the final part, the time for me to make a commitment, the answer to the question, asked at the beginning of the article: WHO IS THE FAVORITE Ezzain horse? And that horse would be, Nooreddine Ezzain (Ansata Al Murtajiz x NK Nada), the future of Ezzain.

Enjoy your horses,

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