Monday, September 30, 2013

Einaas Ezzain

Einaas is a Najmah daugther, sired by Aneesilnefous Ezzain, who is proving himself as an outstanding sire of daughters. To have not only an Aneesilnefous daughter but a filly who is out of a proven, influential family like the NK Yasmin family, is a breeder's best dream. It is an example of the breeding genius of Mr. Usamah Alkazemi. Einaas is a Dahman strain mare, tracing to Bukra through her tail female line but she is out-crossed to the Saqlawi strain, through NK Momtaza, the dam of Aneesilnefous. Some of the best and most significant Dahman horses that I have known are Dahmans that have been skillfully blended with the Saqlawi strain. Einaas will be a spectacular addition to the breeding program of Ezzain. 

Radhwaa Ezzain

Radhwaa Ezzain is a Yaasoob daughter, out of Najmah Ezzain. She is without a doubt, the epitome of what most people think of, when thinking of a Dahman strain horse. She is exquisite. In tail female, she traces to Bukra, through Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah. Yaasoob is a Hadban strain horse, tracing in tail female to Lotfeia, one of the foundation mares of the Katharinenhof breeding program. However, if you look deeper, you will realize that Lotfeia is 3 generations removed from Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. So, Yaasoob has a very powerful tail female line. By combining these tail female lines together, in one horse, the pedigree proves why Radhwaa looks like she does. It is the pedigree that has produced some of the most beautiful Dahman horses we have ever known, like *Ansata Ibn Halima. This is a mare that will influence the breeding program of Ezzain, beyond Usamah's wildest dreams.

Najmah Ezzain

Najmah Ezzain is a bay colored daughter of NK Yasmin, sired by the Ansata AlMurtajiz son, Suror Ezzain. She is a full sister to Anwaar, who is an important broodmare for the Ezzain breeding program. Najmah was sold to Khalid Alonezi, in foal to NK Qaswarah. Najmah is a uniquely beautiful mare. She is correct with much substance. She has a strong body, with a full hindquarter, powerfully muscled and yet, if you pay close attention, the refinement in even the smallest of details is amazing. Her skin quality is excellent and deeply pigmented. Her coat is extra fine to the touch, like the finest silk. Her muzzle is not heavy, accentuated by elastic nostrils with an exquisite shape. Her eyes are fully black, prominent, set lower in the head with much space between them. Her ears are smaller sized and also finely shaped. Her tail carriage is perfect, with the tail carried high and away from the body. Everything about this horse leaves no questions of what she is, an authentic Queen of the desert. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maisarah Ezzain

Maisarah is a son of NK Qaswarah and NK Yasmin. He does not look like a Dahman horse as much as he looks like a Saqlawi or even an Abeyyan horse because Maisarah is tall! And because of his size, he shocks you, when you see him for the first time and after a few minutes of studying him carefully, all that you see in front of you begins to overwhelm you and this horse will take your breath away! He is a super intelligent horse, sensitive and people-oriented. Maisarah makes a significant impression on your psyche and you will keep looking at him over and over and over and slowly, you will appreciate the sheer power and athletic ability of this horse. You will never forget him, once you meet him. He is excellent and provides yet another reason why NK Yasmin is so crucial in the Ezzain breeding program.

Saneiah Ezzain

Saneiah is a daughter of Anwaar, sired by Yaasoob Ezzain, a NK Qaswarah son. Like her mother, she is a classic representative of the Dahman strain and phenotypically, exemplies the cherished characteristics we have come to associate with this strain. She is already a smooth, harmonious filly, strong bodied, with lines that convey power and also, grace. In person, she is as charming as her mother, with a people loving personality which is hard to resist. 

Anwaar Ezzain

Anwaar is a Suror daughter out of NK Yasmin. She is beautiful representative of Ezzain's Dahman Shahwan family. She is so classic in her look, with a smooth, harmonious body, accentuated by powerful, flowing lines of grace and elegance. She is equally charming in personality, curious to see for herself what is in your pockets and if you are going to share the contents with her. A strong mare, who favors more the Saqlawi influence in the Dahman, instead of the Kuhaylan, she is already proving her influence in the breeding program at Ezzain.

Ekramilbari Ezzain

This is a young black mare named Ekramilbari Ezzain. She is sired by Usamah's chief stallion, NK Qaswarah and out of the Katharinenhof-bred NK Yasmin. Ekramilbari has a concentrated source of Bukra blood in her pedigree, approximately twelve Bukra lines.  I love her very prominent forehead, which we know to call the jibbah. Her eyes are fully black with no white in them and the energy that radiates from them  is kind and loving. Notice the fineness in her muzzle and the quality of her skin, like the finest velvet, smooth and accentuating the bones and veins in her face. Together with her black coat color, Ekramilbari presents a very dramatic picture of the ideal desert mare. I also like her lovely, longer neck, so clean in her underline, which is set higher on her chest. I believe this quality comes from the mare, Farida, who like Bukra, appears multiple times in her pedigree, approximately ten times. In the horses influenced by Farida, I have noticed this more upright self-carriage, which is influenced by a higher set neck and a very strong, smooth and level topline. Farida horses are usually fancier-moving horses, like a jewel that catches the sun's rays to reflect the light and create an almost magical sparkle, for all to see.

NK Yasmin

One of the most important mares at Ezzain is NK Yasmin. Sired by Adnan, NK Yasmin is out of Dr. Nagel's premier mare, the beautiful and elite Helala (Salaa el Dine x Ansata Gloriana). NK Yasmin is a Dahmah Shahwaniyah by strain, tracing to the Bint Sabah family through Bukra. As a matter of fact, she has five Bukra lines in her pedigree. NK Yasmin has founded a significant family of Dahman strain horses at Ezzain. 

Jureiah Ezzain

NK Qaswarah is the sire of this precious filly, whom Usamah has named, Jureiah.
"I was hoping that I would get fillies from Jurie, Alamirah and Lolowah to breed back to Qaswarah and God destined Alamirah and Jurie to be bred to him and the result, thanks be to God,was Hooreyah and Jureiah, two of the best of NK Qaswarah's fillies."-Usamah
The pedigree for both NK Qaswarah and NK Jurie is fascinating, concentrated as they are in the bloodlines of two of the most important foundation mares in Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding: Farida and Bukra. In NK Jurie's pedigree, Farida appears six times, while Bukra appears seven times. When bred to her full brother, NK Qaswarah, the lines to Farida and Bukra are doubled, twelve and fourteen lines respectively, in this filly's pedigree! I don't believe that there are horses who have as much or more concentration of either mare in their pedigree. It will be interesting to watch Jureiah grow and mature into an elegant  Dahmah Shahwaniyah, as her bloodlines predict that she will.

NK Jurie

When Usamah Alkazemi purchased the young mare, NK Jurie, from Katharinenhof, little did he know at the time, how this purchase would not only impact the future of Ezzain Arabians but chart the course of the breeding program. NK Jurie was the first foal sired by NK Hafid Jamil, out of the Salaa el Dine daughter, NK Nariman, who is a daughter of the *Jamil-sired mare, Amarilla. The more he saw NK Jurie, the more Usamah felt that crossing NK Hafid Jamil with NK Nariman produced a horse that is closest to his personal vision of the ideal Arabian horse. He made it a priority to purchase all of the offspring produced by NK Hafid Jamil and NK Nariman. So, that is how Jurie's full sisters: NK Alamirah  and NK Lolowah, plus Jurie's full brother, NK Qaswarah, became the very foundation of the unique breeding program that is Ezzain. 

Bihnas Ezzain

Bihnas is a son of Yaasoob out of Nayyerah, so he is closely related to the mares, Mnaar and Naqam, as Yaasoob is a Qaswarah son out of NK Nada. From his sire, Bihnas has been impacted with extra length in all of his lines. He is a delightfully stretchy colt. Bihnas has inherited much of the classic look that is characteristic of the Dahman strain. His dam has produced a colt with a beautiful eye, fully black with a wonderful shape, finely shaped nostrils and exquisite ears, small and tipped. He is an exciting colt to watch and together with his sisters, will have a positive impact on the future of the Ezzain breeding program.

Naqam Ezzain

Naqam is closely related to Mnaar, as her sire, NK Qaswarah, is the sire of Aneesilnefous and her dam is Nayyerah Ezzain. Her pedigree shows the influence of Ansata Ibn Halima and Bukra in her body. She is a classic mare. Standing next to Naqam, you become aware of her wonderful size and appreciate her strong-body, with much substance and yet, she possesses much elegance and refinement. Like Mnaar, she will play a big role in the future of Ezzain.

Mnaar Ezzain

Mnaar is an outstanding daughter of Nayyerah by one of the most exciting stallions at Ezzain, Aneesilnefous.If the Dahman strain is a blend of both the Kuhaylan and Saqlawi strains, then Mnaar shows the influence of the Saqlawi strain. She is an upright, stretchy, showy young mare with added length to her lines. She is one of the many reasons to become excited over Ezzain's future.

Nayyerah Ezzain

Nayyerah’s pedigree is an interesting study for the enthusiast, because of the close connections to horses who were part of the early phases of the Ezzain breeding program. Nayyerah  is sired by Suror Ezzain, the full brother of Azhaar Ezzain and out of Ansata Suleyma, the full sister of Ansata AlMurtajiz. She is a chestnut colored mare and is a Dahmah by strain. Suror is a son of Ansata AlMurtajiz, so in Nayyerah, we have an intensification of Ansata Ibn Halima, Bukra, and Moniet el Nefous.  

Moneerah Ezzain

One of the treasures at Ezzain Arabians is Moneerah, a filly sired by Nooreddine Ezzain and out of Ajmal Ibtihaj. Moneerah is a half-sister to Altafilbari. Actually, Moneerah and Altaafibari are more than half-sisters, as Nooreddine's dam, NK Nada, is an Adnan daughter, as is Ajmal Ibtihaj. Ansata is well represented in the pedigree of this young mare, through the sire line (Ansata Almurtajiz) and the tail female line (Ansata Justina). Together, these horses make a strong impact on Moneerah's phenotype; as this filly has a little more substance, which you can see in her wider chest and in the muscling of her shoulder, her forearms and her neck. Moneerah is a little more compact in her body; strong and smooth over her croup. Her tail carriage is excellent, matched by her equally expressive and very beautiful head, which is shorter and wider with a deep black (no white at all!) eye, placed lower on her head, accentuating the prominence of her jibbah. Her neck, which is set higher on her chest, flows into a powerful shoulder and then, a  nicer forearm.  She is a most balanced horse, with much harmony flowing in her classic body.

Mohareb Ezzain

Mohareb is a full brother to Altafilbari and physically, different from his sister. He is reminiscent of the Dahman horses, influenced by Saqlawi type. He is Ezzain’s transition horse. In phenotype, he is representative of the progression of Usamah Alkazemi’s vision of the ideal Arabian horse, from one generation to the next. He has a beautiful neck, well-set on his body; the nicely-shaped neck comes out of his shoulders and meets the head at a perfect angle, forming one of the finest mitbah’s on the farm. His head is short, wide and very clean, with no heaviness. While gracefully curvey in his proportions and smooth of body, he is not heavy in his body. He is very elegant in all of his lines and favors the Saqlawi presence, that has influenced the Dahman strain.  

Alttafibari Ezzain

Alttafilbari Ezzain is sired by NK Qaswarah, out of Ajmal Ibtihaj (Adnan x Alijamila). She is a strong-bodied Dahmah strain mare, influenced heavily by the Kuhaylan elements in the Dahman strain. She is black in color and therefore, favors her maternal granddam, Alijamila. Alttafilbari is powerfully built, with a deep heart girth, well sprung rib cage and a very strong hindquarter. She is built like a prize-winning racehorse and oozes extraordinary athleticism. She has a longer, more upright set neck. She is magnificent and one of the top horses at Ezzain.

Ajmal Ibtihaj

The *Jamil daughter, Ansata Justina, when bred to Ruminaja Ali, produced the black mare,  Alijamila. Alijamila was foaled in 1987, bred by Hank and Phyllis Browning and was later sold to Mr. Mohammed Bin Jassim Al Marzouk of the Ajmal Stud in Kuwait. Alijamila was ultra-feminine, delicate and fine, ethereal and she passed her beauty on to her sons and daughters like Al Baraki, Thee Atticus, Bint Bint Justina, Bint Alijamila, Ajmal Jumanah, Ajmal Jamila, Shabab Jamal and of course, Ajmal Ibtihaj (sired by Adnan). Like Azhaar, NK Yasmin, NK Momtaza and NK Nakeebya, Ajmal Ibtihaj  is an important broodmare for Ezzain and has created a family of progeny that are worthy of the Alijamila legacy

What is an Arabian Horse?

Alamirah Ezzain (Ansata AlMurtajiz x NK Al Amirah) like a beautiful rose, has bloomed into a dazzling mare, with a strong body, curvey and harmonious in all her lines.She is the living authentic answer to the question---What is an Arabian horse?.

Nafeisah Ezzain

Nafeisah is representative of the strong breeding program of Ezzain, as her sire is Aneesilnefous Ezzain and her dam is Dhuha Alnakeeb.  Nafeisah is strongly impacted by both the Abeyyan and Saqlawi strains, as her sire is a son of NK Momtaza, who traces to the celebrated Egyptian mare, Moniet el Nefous. Nafeisah, unlike her brother Bahei, is a grey colored mare. NK Momtaza contributes two additional lines to *Ansata Ibn Halima, bringing the total to eleven lines to this most classic Dahman stallion, as well as three more lines to Bukra, making the total lines to this important mare, thirteen. So, in pedigree, Nafeisah is heavily weighted towards the Dahman strain, so no surprise that her phenotype would favor the type we associate with this strain, as we see in her brother, Bahei and her dam. Nafeisah looks like her dam but she also favors her sire, especially in the fine shape and length of her neck, in the fineness of her muzzle, in the delicate shape of her nostrils and the exquisite shape of her ears. We see a little more length, as compared to the shorter lines that are typical of the Dahman strain. 

Bahei Ezzain

Bahei , is a son of NK Qaswarah and Dhuha Alnakeeb. It is interesting to note that both sire and dam are sired by NK Hafid Jamil, which should alert you to the fact that NK Hafid Jamil is known for improving the overall level of refinement in his get. So, what happens when you double his influence? Bahei is the answer, as he embodies a new standard of excellence. NK Qaswarah adds three more lines to *Ansata Ibn Halima in the pedigree, bringing the total number of lines to nine.  The influence of Farida is balanced by the influence of Bukra, as Bahei carries approximately 10 lines. This is a significant point to underscore as the majority of Bahei’s pedigree carries the influence of the two most important mares of the Dahman strain. In phenotype, Bahei is strongly influenced by his dam, Dhuha Alnakeeb, as he resembles her and embodies all that you would expect from a traditional, classic Dahman horse.  While Dhuha is a strong horse, Bahei has also been influenced by the refinement and elegance that NK Qaswarah  is known for passing on to his get. Bahei’s neck is a little longer than his mother’s, a little finer and cleaner in the underline, which stretches all the way into the mitbah.

Dhuha AlNakeeb

Dhuha Alnakeeb is a bay-colored daughter of NK Hafid Jamil out of the Ansata Halim Shah daughter, Sabha Bint Ibn Halima. She is a Dahmah, by strain. What is especially interesting about Dhuha is that her maternal grandam, SY Kalila, is double Bint Nefisaa, the dam of El Hilal. She traces to Bint Nefisaa in the tail female line of her sire, Ruminaja Attallah and her dam, Katourah.  The dam of Bint Nefisaa is the Balance daughter, Nefisa.  This bloodline is so crucial in Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding. In addition to Bint Nefisaa who figures prominently not only through her son but also through her daughters Negmaa, who built a family of horses at Gleannloch and Imperial Egyptian Stud and Nourah, Nefisa also produced by El Sareei, the mare Bint Nefisa who became an important foundation broodmare for Richard Pritzlaff, of Rancho San Ignacio. Nefisa also produced by Nazeer, a daughter named Fayza, who produced the stallion Ramses Fayek, also by Nazeer.  Also by Nazeer, Nefisa sired the mare Nadja, who went on to produce Noha by Hadban Enzahi, the dam of the celebrated mare, RN Farida.  Dhuha also has six lines to the classic Dahman stallion of our time, *Ansata Ibn Halima, which, together with the lines to Nefisa, makes Dhuha a line bred Farida horse, with 8 lines to this important foundation mare. Dhuha is a beautiful mare and phenotypically, exemplifies the type that is representative of a classic Dahmah mare. She is close coupled, with a strong and smooth topline. Her neck is well set, flowing out of powerful shoulders. As substantial as Dhuha is in her body, she is equally elegant with expressive black eyes, elastic nostrils and finely shaped ears which contribute to the overall silhouette of a typey, classic Arabian horse.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kamilia Ezzain

Kamilia Ezzain is the filly on the right, the chestnut going gray. She is a daughter of the NK Qaswarah son, Yaasoob out of beautiful Azhaar Ezzain, the full sister to the late Suror Ezzain. She is an Abeyyah by strain, tracing in her tail female line to Hanan. Her sire Yaasoob is a son of NK Nada, a Hadbah who traces in tail female to Lotfeia and eventually through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. Kamilia, at a very young age, is a correct filly, close-coupled, substantial and harmonious. She is smooth of body, with much grace and elegance. Beautiful eyes, fully black, with delicately shaped ears, elastic nostrils, a short, wide head, all of which together, convey the authenticity of a true daughter of the desert.

Badrilbdoor Ezzain

Badrilbdoor is a full sister to Shamsilshmous, having been sired by NK Qaswarah and out of Azhaar.  As beautiful as Shamsilshmous is, Badrilbdoor is equally beautiful. Like her dam, she has a strong and smooth topline, accentuated by a well-muscled hindquarter, big hips and a deep croup. Her neck flows gracefully out of a wide chest, with a clean underline and fine mitbah.  She has excellent pigmentation to her skin, which is uniformly black and fine, accentuating the details in bone and vein in her face. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Addilham Ezzain

Addilham is a son of Aneesilnefous, out of Shamsilshmous Ezzain. He is Abeyyan by strain and it shows in his physique, as he is a very upright, very showy, fancy colt! Influenced by the Saqlawi strain of his sire, he favors the Saqlawi influence of the Abeyyan strain. He has length of leg, length of back, length of neck...all in proportion. He is a harmonious colt. When he is at liberty in the pasture, every now and then, you see a little bit of his dam expressed in his self-carriage and in his facial features. At a young age, his head shows refinement and elegance, with a dryness that is normally not seen in young colts.

Shamsilshmous Ezzain

When bred to NK Qaswarah, Azhaar produced the extraordinary mare, Shamsilshmous, whose name means “the best of all suns”. From her dam, she has retained all of the wonderful qualities like her substance, her smoothness, her balance and harmony, and yet, she has been richly influenced by the elegance and refinement for which  NK Qaswarah is known the world over. Her neck is a little longer than her dam’s, with a little more length in the mitbah. Her head is a masterpiece of the desert, with sharply defined, very prominent bone structure and a larger sized jowl, The quality of her skin is so fine, that her veins look like they are popping out of her face. Her muzzle is equally fine, not thick or meaty and the desert look is accentuated by nostrils which are elastic and delicate.  Her eyes are beautiful and completely black, round in shape and luminous, as if they are deep pools of sparkling obsidian-colored water.

Azhaar Ezzain

Azhaar is one of the most beautiful mares at Ezzain.  Through her progeny, she has established a strong family of horses, to become one of the most important broodmare in the Ezzain breeding program. She is Abayyah by strain.  Azhaar is powerfully built, with a harmonious balance of substance and elegance and a textbook example of the classic Arabian mare, a living standard of femininity and grace. Azhaar’s sire is Ansata AlMurtajiz, a son of Ansata Hejazi, out of Ansata Samsara, a pedigree which is concentrated in the blood of *Ansata Ibn Halima, Bukra, and Moniet el  Nefous.  Zahra, Azhaar’s dam, is by KP Nameed and out of Assal, genetically complementing Ansata AlMurtajiz, as she too, carries lines to Moniet el Nefous through*Tuhotmos, the sire of Nana, who produced Nameeza, the dam of KP Nameed, also through Shaarawi, the sire of Adeeb and finally through Ameer, the sire of Ibn Nazeema, who brings in an additional line to Alaa El Din (complementing the line of Hanan, who produced Ameera). Additional sources of outcross blood come through Messaouda, the dam of Motassem, who was sired by the horse who revolutionized the Marbach breeding program, Gharib. *Ansata Ibn Halima is common ground on both sides of the pedigree, as his son,  Ansata Halim Shah appears twice, as the sire of Motassem and the sire of Ansata Hejazi. Also, the Nazeer sons, Hadban Enzahi and Ghazal are present in Madkour I, with an interesting twist, which further complements Azhaar's pedigree. Hadban Enzahi sired the stallion Madkour I (the sire of Ameera), while Ghazal sired Madkour's dam, Moheba II, out of Malacha, who traces to the dam of *Ansata Ibn Halima, through the Sid Abouhom daughter, Moheba.

Amaani Ezzain

Amaani is a promising young filly out of Omneyah Ezzain, a full sister to Nasseyrah Ezzain, the dam of Mardeiah Ezzain and Hhawraa Ezzain. She is a short-coupled filly with a strong and smooth topline. She is harmonious in all of her proportions, with incredible grace and much feminine elegance.

Omneyah Ezzain

Omneyah is a classic Saqlawi strain mare. Everything about her is long...longer legs, longer neck, longer back. She is proportionately long and elegance oozes from her long lines. She is a daughter of Moniet Ezzain, sired by the Ansata AlMurtajiz son, Nooreddine Ezzain.

Hhawraa Ezzain

Hhawraa is a maternal sister to Mardeiah, as she is sired by Yaasoob Ezzain and out of Nasseyrah Ezzain. She is also Saklawi in strain. Very feminine in her appearance; she is an up-and-coming filly who genotypically and phenotypically will impact the Ezzain breeding program.

Mardeiah Ezzain

NK Momtaza was bred to the Ansata AlMurtajiz son, Nooreddine Ezzain, to produce the dam of this lovely filly, Nasseyrah Ezzain. When bred to Annesilnefous Ezzain, Nasseyrah produced Mardeiah, a pure-in-the-strain Saqlawiyah. Mardeiah’s body is powerful, with a strong topline. Her neck is of shorter length and yet, fits well in the harmonious picture that she presents of an authentic desert mare.

Nasseyrah Ezzain

Nasseyrah Ezzain is a daughter of the Ansata AlMurtajiz son, Nooreddine and out of Moniet Ezzain, a daughter of NK Momtaza. She is Saqlawi by strain and true to her strain, she has a longer back with a generous hindquarter, deep hips, nice muscling on her gaskins, a well set neck, longer length on her forearms, all of which convey power and strength. In the details of type and breed standard, this mare is outstanding with an overall excellent skin quality, deeply pigmented, with prominent facial bones and veins. Her eyes are fully black, set lower in the head, her muzzle is fine, not thick or boxy with beautifully-shaped nostrils that are elastic, when dilated and shorter ears that are delicately shaped, with nice, sharp tips. She was sold to AlWard Arabians but Ezzain retained her daughters, Mardeiah Ezzain, sired by Aneesilnefous Ezzain and Hhawra Ezzain by Yaasoob Ezzain.

Najeiah Ezzain

Najeiah is a daughter of Moniet Ezzain, sired by NK Qaswarah. In tail female line, she traces to Moniet el Nefous through the Ibn Galal daughter, KIS Mahiba. Her sire is Abeyyan, tracing through Ghazala to Hanan. The Abeyyan and Saqlawi strains complement each other favorably and when blended, tend to produce very showy, upright horses with an excellent length of leg and longer necks, with an added length of poll. This filly, at a young age, already exhibits a great deal of refinement and elegance. It is exciting to consider the impact she will have in the Ezzain breeding program, once she is fully mature.

Moniet Ezzain

When Usamah purchased NK Momtaza, she was in foal to Salaa el Dine. She foaled a filly, which Usamah named Moniet Ezzain, in honor of the celebrated EAO mare, Moniet el Nefous, who she traces in tail female. Moniet Ezzain is a Saqlawi strain mare, as you can see from her phenotype, she embodies many of the characteristics we have come to associate with this strain. Notice the length of leg and the longer back, in proportion with the longer neck, well set on her shoulders. She is a stretchier mare, in contrast to the closer-coupled, more compact phenotype. She has excellent skin quality, deeply pigmented. Her eyes are fully black and well set on her head, adding to a very nice, overall expression.

Dorrah Ezzain

Dorrah Ezzain is a full sister to Annesilnefous Ezzain, as she is also sired by NK Qaswarah, out of NK Momtaza.  She  is Saqlawi by strain and proof of her sire’s ability to produce color, even out of grey-colored mares. Like many of the Ezzain broodmares,  Dorrah is a strong-bodied mare with much substance and yet, she is harmonious, refined and elegant, in all of her bay colored glory. Like her name, her femininity glows, in the same way that a most precious pearl would glow.   Her face is short and wide, with much expression. Like most Saqlawi horses, her neck is a little longer, and is well set on powerful shoulders and a wide chest. When she moves, she expresses in her powerful movement, the freedom of her shoulders. Her hind end is powerfully muscled, with elastic hocks which allow her to drive her body forward. She has deep black, luminous  eyes which heighten the look of intelligence and underscore her kindness. The definition in her face, which accentuates every highlight of both veins and bones, is dramatic and conveys the translucence of her skin, which embraces every curve, every bump, every line in this beautiful mare's body. Her muzzle is fine and tapered. It is not meaty or thick and yet, her nostrils, with a delicate curve are large and add to the powerful impression of classic type overall. Her ears are smaller, and very sharp, the points curving inwards. 

Aneesilnefous Ezzain

One look at Annesilnefous Ezzain and your heart will race in excitement. A more perfect example of a classic Arabian stallion is difficult to find. He is a son of NK Qaswarah and NK Momtaza (Ibn Nedjy x Sanaya).  He is Saqlawi by strain .  The sire of NK Momtaza, Ibn Nedjy, traces in his tail female line to the Ghazal daughter, Ghazala, as does NK Qaswarah. The dam of NK Momtaza, Sanaya, brings in the bloodlines of some really spectacular horses, as well as tracing in her tail female line to one of the most elegant horses who ever lived, Moniet el Nefous. She is sired by Kais, a Bint Om el Saad son and is out of Malaka, an Ansata Halim Shah daughter out of Kis Mahiba, a brilliant broodmare, who produced daughters like Maysouna, KEN Bint Bint Mahiba, KEN Malaka, KEN Muniba, Hallah, Mana and Maha. Annesilnefous Ezzain looks a lot like his sire, NK Qaswarah. There is no mistaking it. Of all the get NK Qawarah has sired at Ezzain, Aneesilnefous is the most like him,  in terms of his strength, with the same wonderful strong points in his muscling, in his substance, in the prominence of the bone. As Qaswarah is beautiful, so is Aneesilnefous but his beauty is at a more dramatic level than his sire. Aneesilnefous is a more refined version of Qaswarah, thanks to the influence of his dam. Aneesilnefous is extraordinary, and in those fine details, there is no question that he is an authentic son of the desert. He is smooth-bodied, with a strong, level topline connecting a wide, muscled chest with a round, well-muscled hindquarter. His hocks are strong and elastic and his front legs have a longer, well-muscled forearm, contrasted with very short cannons. Annesilnefous is graceful, underscored by the flowing lines that create a classic silhouette of the perfect Arabian horse. His skin is heavily pigmented and has that translucence, that very thin quality which accentuates every tear bone and vein in his face. This quality of the skin is loyal to the desert, a direct result of life lived within a harsh environment. Nature is a skilled artist, in her wisdom, which no man or woman can rival. His muzzle is fine, not meaty or thick and his nostrils are elastic and of a beautiful shape. His ears are small, with a lovely shape to them, giving him a look of intelligent curiosity. His eye is large, round and luminous. His jowl, like Qaswarah's, is prominent and comfortably roomy in the space between the jowls. His neck is longer, with extra length in the poll and  like Qaswarah, he has a very nice mitbah, with a clean underline. The qualities that one sees in Aneesilnefous are those qualities that make the Arabian Horse so unique, as shaped by the harshness of his environment, insuring his ability to not only survive but thrive. Not only is Aneesilnefous exquisite; he is representative of the wise choices made by Mr. Usamah Zaid Alkazemi, in not only selecting the spectacular horses that he would combine in his breeding program but also, for the rigorous selection of individual horses, producing the qualities that come closest to meeting Usamah's personal vision of the ideal horse.

NK Momtaza

This is the beautiful NK Momtaza (Ibn Nedjy x Sanaya), the foundress of a crucially important family, as well as the main reason why a Saklawai strain exists at Ezzain Arabians.  NK Momtaza is sired by Ibn Nedjy, who traces in his tail female line to the Ghazal daughter, Ghazala (as does NK Qaswarah). The dam of NK Momtaza, Sanaya, brings in the bloodlines of some really spectacular horses as well as the tail female line to one of the most elegant horses who ever lived, Moniet el Nefous. She is sired by Kais, a Bint Om el Saad son and is out of Malaka, an Ansata Halim Shah daughter out of Kis Mahiba, a brilliant broodmare, who produced daughters like Maysouna, KEN Bint Bint Mahiba, KEN Malaka, KEN Muniba, Hallah, Mana and Maha. Although deceased, her progeny insure the survival of her influence.