Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nasseyrah Ezzain

Nasseyrah Ezzain is a daughter of the Ansata AlMurtajiz son, Nooreddine and out of Moniet Ezzain, a daughter of NK Momtaza. She is Saqlawi by strain and true to her strain, she has a longer back with a generous hindquarter, deep hips, nice muscling on her gaskins, a well set neck, longer length on her forearms, all of which convey power and strength. In the details of type and breed standard, this mare is outstanding with an overall excellent skin quality, deeply pigmented, with prominent facial bones and veins. Her eyes are fully black, set lower in the head, her muzzle is fine, not thick or boxy with beautifully-shaped nostrils that are elastic, when dilated and shorter ears that are delicately shaped, with nice, sharp tips. She was sold to AlWard Arabians but Ezzain retained her daughters, Mardeiah Ezzain, sired by Aneesilnefous Ezzain and Hhawra Ezzain by Yaasoob Ezzain.

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