Sunday, September 22, 2013

NK Momtaza

This is the beautiful NK Momtaza (Ibn Nedjy x Sanaya), the foundress of a crucially important family, as well as the main reason why a Saklawai strain exists at Ezzain Arabians.  NK Momtaza is sired by Ibn Nedjy, who traces in his tail female line to the Ghazal daughter, Ghazala (as does NK Qaswarah). The dam of NK Momtaza, Sanaya, brings in the bloodlines of some really spectacular horses as well as the tail female line to one of the most elegant horses who ever lived, Moniet el Nefous. She is sired by Kais, a Bint Om el Saad son and is out of Malaka, an Ansata Halim Shah daughter out of Kis Mahiba, a brilliant broodmare, who produced daughters like Maysouna, KEN Bint Bint Mahiba, KEN Malaka, KEN Muniba, Hallah, Mana and Maha. Although deceased, her progeny insure the survival of her influence.

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