Monday, September 30, 2013

Najmah Ezzain

Najmah Ezzain is a bay colored daughter of NK Yasmin, sired by the Ansata AlMurtajiz son, Suror Ezzain. She is a full sister to Anwaar, who is an important broodmare for the Ezzain breeding program. Najmah was sold to Khalid Alonezi, in foal to NK Qaswarah. Najmah is a uniquely beautiful mare. She is correct with much substance. She has a strong body, with a full hindquarter, powerfully muscled and yet, if you pay close attention, the refinement in even the smallest of details is amazing. Her skin quality is excellent and deeply pigmented. Her coat is extra fine to the touch, like the finest silk. Her muzzle is not heavy, accentuated by elastic nostrils with an exquisite shape. Her eyes are fully black, prominent, set lower in the head with much space between them. Her ears are smaller sized and also finely shaped. Her tail carriage is perfect, with the tail carried high and away from the body. Everything about this horse leaves no questions of what she is, an authentic Queen of the desert. 

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