Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dorrah Ezzain

Dorrah Ezzain is a full sister to Annesilnefous Ezzain, as she is also sired by NK Qaswarah, out of NK Momtaza.  She  is Saqlawi by strain and proof of her sire’s ability to produce color, even out of grey-colored mares. Like many of the Ezzain broodmares,  Dorrah is a strong-bodied mare with much substance and yet, she is harmonious, refined and elegant, in all of her bay colored glory. Like her name, her femininity glows, in the same way that a most precious pearl would glow.   Her face is short and wide, with much expression. Like most Saqlawi horses, her neck is a little longer, and is well set on powerful shoulders and a wide chest. When she moves, she expresses in her powerful movement, the freedom of her shoulders. Her hind end is powerfully muscled, with elastic hocks which allow her to drive her body forward. She has deep black, luminous  eyes which heighten the look of intelligence and underscore her kindness. The definition in her face, which accentuates every highlight of both veins and bones, is dramatic and conveys the translucence of her skin, which embraces every curve, every bump, every line in this beautiful mare's body. Her muzzle is fine and tapered. It is not meaty or thick and yet, her nostrils, with a delicate curve are large and add to the powerful impression of classic type overall. Her ears are smaller, and very sharp, the points curving inwards. 

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