Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maisarah Ezzain

Maisarah is a son of NK Qaswarah and NK Yasmin. He does not look like a Dahman horse as much as he looks like a Saqlawi or even an Abeyyan horse because Maisarah is tall! And because of his size, he shocks you, when you see him for the first time and after a few minutes of studying him carefully, all that you see in front of you begins to overwhelm you and this horse will take your breath away! He is a super intelligent horse, sensitive and people-oriented. Maisarah makes a significant impression on your psyche and you will keep looking at him over and over and over and slowly, you will appreciate the sheer power and athletic ability of this horse. You will never forget him, once you meet him. He is excellent and provides yet another reason why NK Yasmin is so crucial in the Ezzain breeding program.

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