Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mohareb Ezzain

Mohareb is a full brother to Altafilbari and physically, different from his sister. He is reminiscent of the Dahman horses, influenced by Saqlawi type. He is Ezzain’s transition horse. In phenotype, he is representative of the progression of Usamah Alkazemi’s vision of the ideal Arabian horse, from one generation to the next. He has a beautiful neck, well-set on his body; the nicely-shaped neck comes out of his shoulders and meets the head at a perfect angle, forming one of the finest mitbah’s on the farm. His head is short, wide and very clean, with no heaviness. While gracefully curvey in his proportions and smooth of body, he is not heavy in his body. He is very elegant in all of his lines and favors the Saqlawi presence, that has influenced the Dahman strain.  

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