Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ekramilbari Ezzain

This is a young black mare named Ekramilbari Ezzain. She is sired by Usamah's chief stallion, NK Qaswarah and out of the Katharinenhof-bred NK Yasmin. Ekramilbari has a concentrated source of Bukra blood in her pedigree, approximately twelve Bukra lines.  I love her very prominent forehead, which we know to call the jibbah. Her eyes are fully black with no white in them and the energy that radiates from them  is kind and loving. Notice the fineness in her muzzle and the quality of her skin, like the finest velvet, smooth and accentuating the bones and veins in her face. Together with her black coat color, Ekramilbari presents a very dramatic picture of the ideal desert mare. I also like her lovely, longer neck, so clean in her underline, which is set higher on her chest. I believe this quality comes from the mare, Farida, who like Bukra, appears multiple times in her pedigree, approximately ten times. In the horses influenced by Farida, I have noticed this more upright self-carriage, which is influenced by a higher set neck and a very strong, smooth and level topline. Farida horses are usually fancier-moving horses, like a jewel that catches the sun's rays to reflect the light and create an almost magical sparkle, for all to see.

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  1. BLACK Colour on Arabian Horses is...MAGIC , probably the most fascinating of all coat colour....very difficult to photograph a black coated horse, even more...difficult in painting. I have always believed that a black coated 'animal' needs to be MORE BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT in his conformation than grey, or bay, or chestnut because BLACK has a very particular 'reaction' toward LIGHTS and SHADOWS, emphatize BEAUTY but also can put more evidence in FAULTS. But this is not absolutetely the case with this JEWEL, this lovely mare whose beauty goes beyond any imagination and theory. Congratulations to my friend Usamah, it is difficult to reach this 'level' of PERFECTION!