Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nafeisah Ezzain

Nafeisah is representative of the strong breeding program of Ezzain, as her sire is Aneesilnefous Ezzain and her dam is Dhuha Alnakeeb.  Nafeisah is strongly impacted by both the Abeyyan and Saqlawi strains, as her sire is a son of NK Momtaza, who traces to the celebrated Egyptian mare, Moniet el Nefous. Nafeisah, unlike her brother Bahei, is a grey colored mare. NK Momtaza contributes two additional lines to *Ansata Ibn Halima, bringing the total to eleven lines to this most classic Dahman stallion, as well as three more lines to Bukra, making the total lines to this important mare, thirteen. So, in pedigree, Nafeisah is heavily weighted towards the Dahman strain, so no surprise that her phenotype would favor the type we associate with this strain, as we see in her brother, Bahei and her dam. Nafeisah looks like her dam but she also favors her sire, especially in the fine shape and length of her neck, in the fineness of her muzzle, in the delicate shape of her nostrils and the exquisite shape of her ears. We see a little more length, as compared to the shorter lines that are typical of the Dahman strain. 

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