Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dhuha AlNakeeb

Dhuha Alnakeeb is a bay-colored daughter of NK Hafid Jamil out of the Ansata Halim Shah daughter, Sabha Bint Ibn Halima. She is a Dahmah, by strain. What is especially interesting about Dhuha is that her maternal grandam, SY Kalila, is double Bint Nefisaa, the dam of El Hilal. She traces to Bint Nefisaa in the tail female line of her sire, Ruminaja Attallah and her dam, Katourah.  The dam of Bint Nefisaa is the Balance daughter, Nefisa.  This bloodline is so crucial in Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding. In addition to Bint Nefisaa who figures prominently not only through her son but also through her daughters Negmaa, who built a family of horses at Gleannloch and Imperial Egyptian Stud and Nourah, Nefisa also produced by El Sareei, the mare Bint Nefisa who became an important foundation broodmare for Richard Pritzlaff, of Rancho San Ignacio. Nefisa also produced by Nazeer, a daughter named Fayza, who produced the stallion Ramses Fayek, also by Nazeer.  Also by Nazeer, Nefisa sired the mare Nadja, who went on to produce Noha by Hadban Enzahi, the dam of the celebrated mare, RN Farida.  Dhuha also has six lines to the classic Dahman stallion of our time, *Ansata Ibn Halima, which, together with the lines to Nefisa, makes Dhuha a line bred Farida horse, with 8 lines to this important foundation mare. Dhuha is a beautiful mare and phenotypically, exemplifies the type that is representative of a classic Dahmah mare. She is close coupled, with a strong and smooth topline. Her neck is well set, flowing out of powerful shoulders. As substantial as Dhuha is in her body, she is equally elegant with expressive black eyes, elastic nostrils and finely shaped ears which contribute to the overall silhouette of a typey, classic Arabian horse.

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