Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moniet Ezzain

When Usamah purchased NK Momtaza, she was in foal to Salaa el Dine. She foaled a filly, which Usamah named Moniet Ezzain, in honor of the celebrated EAO mare, Moniet el Nefous, who she traces in tail female. Moniet Ezzain is a Saqlawi strain mare, as you can see from her phenotype, she embodies many of the characteristics we have come to associate with this strain. Notice the length of leg and the longer back, in proportion with the longer neck, well set on her shoulders. She is a stretchier mare, in contrast to the closer-coupled, more compact phenotype. She has excellent skin quality, deeply pigmented. Her eyes are fully black and well set on her head, adding to a very nice, overall expression.

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