Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aneesilnefous Ezzain

One look at Annesilnefous Ezzain and your heart will race in excitement. A more perfect example of a classic Arabian stallion is difficult to find. He is a son of NK Qaswarah and NK Momtaza (Ibn Nedjy x Sanaya).  He is Saqlawi by strain .  The sire of NK Momtaza, Ibn Nedjy, traces in his tail female line to the Ghazal daughter, Ghazala, as does NK Qaswarah. The dam of NK Momtaza, Sanaya, brings in the bloodlines of some really spectacular horses, as well as tracing in her tail female line to one of the most elegant horses who ever lived, Moniet el Nefous. She is sired by Kais, a Bint Om el Saad son and is out of Malaka, an Ansata Halim Shah daughter out of Kis Mahiba, a brilliant broodmare, who produced daughters like Maysouna, KEN Bint Bint Mahiba, KEN Malaka, KEN Muniba, Hallah, Mana and Maha. Annesilnefous Ezzain looks a lot like his sire, NK Qaswarah. There is no mistaking it. Of all the get NK Qawarah has sired at Ezzain, Aneesilnefous is the most like him,  in terms of his strength, with the same wonderful strong points in his muscling, in his substance, in the prominence of the bone. As Qaswarah is beautiful, so is Aneesilnefous but his beauty is at a more dramatic level than his sire. Aneesilnefous is a more refined version of Qaswarah, thanks to the influence of his dam. Aneesilnefous is extraordinary, and in those fine details, there is no question that he is an authentic son of the desert. He is smooth-bodied, with a strong, level topline connecting a wide, muscled chest with a round, well-muscled hindquarter. His hocks are strong and elastic and his front legs have a longer, well-muscled forearm, contrasted with very short cannons. Annesilnefous is graceful, underscored by the flowing lines that create a classic silhouette of the perfect Arabian horse. His skin is heavily pigmented and has that translucence, that very thin quality which accentuates every tear bone and vein in his face. This quality of the skin is loyal to the desert, a direct result of life lived within a harsh environment. Nature is a skilled artist, in her wisdom, which no man or woman can rival. His muzzle is fine, not meaty or thick and his nostrils are elastic and of a beautiful shape. His ears are small, with a lovely shape to them, giving him a look of intelligent curiosity. His eye is large, round and luminous. His jowl, like Qaswarah's, is prominent and comfortably roomy in the space between the jowls. His neck is longer, with extra length in the poll and  like Qaswarah, he has a very nice mitbah, with a clean underline. The qualities that one sees in Aneesilnefous are those qualities that make the Arabian Horse so unique, as shaped by the harshness of his environment, insuring his ability to not only survive but thrive. Not only is Aneesilnefous exquisite; he is representative of the wise choices made by Mr. Usamah Zaid Alkazemi, in not only selecting the spectacular horses that he would combine in his breeding program but also, for the rigorous selection of individual horses, producing the qualities that come closest to meeting Usamah's personal vision of the ideal horse.

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