Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shamsilshmous Ezzain

When bred to NK Qaswarah, Azhaar produced the extraordinary mare, Shamsilshmous, whose name means “the best of all suns”. From her dam, she has retained all of the wonderful qualities like her substance, her smoothness, her balance and harmony, and yet, she has been richly influenced by the elegance and refinement for which  NK Qaswarah is known the world over. Her neck is a little longer than her dam’s, with a little more length in the mitbah. Her head is a masterpiece of the desert, with sharply defined, very prominent bone structure and a larger sized jowl, The quality of her skin is so fine, that her veins look like they are popping out of her face. Her muzzle is equally fine, not thick or meaty and the desert look is accentuated by nostrils which are elastic and delicate.  Her eyes are beautiful and completely black, round in shape and luminous, as if they are deep pools of sparkling obsidian-colored water.

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