Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moneerah Ezzain

One of the treasures at Ezzain Arabians is Moneerah, a filly sired by Nooreddine Ezzain and out of Ajmal Ibtihaj. Moneerah is a half-sister to Altafilbari. Actually, Moneerah and Altaafibari are more than half-sisters, as Nooreddine's dam, NK Nada, is an Adnan daughter, as is Ajmal Ibtihaj. Ansata is well represented in the pedigree of this young mare, through the sire line (Ansata Almurtajiz) and the tail female line (Ansata Justina). Together, these horses make a strong impact on Moneerah's phenotype; as this filly has a little more substance, which you can see in her wider chest and in the muscling of her shoulder, her forearms and her neck. Moneerah is a little more compact in her body; strong and smooth over her croup. Her tail carriage is excellent, matched by her equally expressive and very beautiful head, which is shorter and wider with a deep black (no white at all!) eye, placed lower on her head, accentuating the prominence of her jibbah. Her neck, which is set higher on her chest, flows into a powerful shoulder and then, a  nicer forearm.  She is a most balanced horse, with much harmony flowing in her classic body.

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