Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kamilia Ezzain

Kamilia Ezzain is the filly on the right, the chestnut going gray. She is a daughter of the NK Qaswarah son, Yaasoob out of beautiful Azhaar Ezzain, the full sister to the late Suror Ezzain. She is an Abeyyah by strain, tracing in her tail female line to Hanan. Her sire Yaasoob is a son of NK Nada, a Hadbah who traces in tail female to Lotfeia and eventually through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. Kamilia, at a very young age, is a correct filly, close-coupled, substantial and harmonious. She is smooth of body, with much grace and elegance. Beautiful eyes, fully black, with delicately shaped ears, elastic nostrils, a short, wide head, all of which together, convey the authenticity of a true daughter of the desert.

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