Monday, September 30, 2013

Einaas Ezzain

Einaas is a Najmah daugther, sired by Aneesilnefous Ezzain, who is proving himself as an outstanding sire of daughters. To have not only an Aneesilnefous daughter but a filly who is out of a proven, influential family like the NK Yasmin family, is a breeder's best dream. It is an example of the breeding genius of Mr. Usamah Alkazemi. Einaas is a Dahman strain mare, tracing to Bukra through her tail female line but she is out-crossed to the Saqlawi strain, through NK Momtaza, the dam of Aneesilnefous. Some of the best and most significant Dahman horses that I have known are Dahmans that have been skillfully blended with the Saqlawi strain. Einaas will be a spectacular addition to the breeding program of Ezzain. 

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