Friday, October 25, 2013

Reference Sire: Suror Ezzain

The late Suror Ezzain was an extraordinary stallion, sired by Ansata AlMurtajiz, out of Zahra. Suror was a full brother to the wonderful broodmare, Azhaar Ezzain. His pedigree is interesting, as his mother's ancestors are horses that are becoming scarce in today's Egyptian bloodlines: Gharib, Tuhotmos, Hadban Enzahi, Galal and Ghazal.  His sire is an interesting line-bred Ansata horse, concentrated in the blood of *Ansata Ibn Halima, Bukra, *Morafic and his full sister,*Ansata Bint Mabrouka. The outcross blood in Ansata AlMurtajiz's pedigree comes from the Babson Horses via Prince Fa Moniet and the Inshass stallion, Sameh, who is the sire of Ansata's best producing broodmare: Ansata Bint Misr. *Ansata Ibn Halima is the "glue" which holds both sides of the pedigree together, on the maternal side we see Ansata Halim Shah, the sire of Motassem, who in turn sired Zahra's father, KP Nameed. Messaouda, the dam of Motassem, was sired by the horse who revolutionized the Marbach breeding program, Gharib. As we make notice of the close connections to Ibn Halima;  we also notice Moniet El Nefous in Suror's sire line, as well as in his dam lines, through *Tuhotmos (the sire of Nana, who produced Nameeza, the dam of KP Nameed),  through Shaarawi, the sire of Adeeb and through Ameer, the sire of Ibn Nazeema. It is also through this stallion, Ibn Nazeema, that we also notice Alaa El Din, as the sire of Nazeema (the dam of Ibn Nazeema) as well as the sire of Hanan (who produced Ameera).  In Madkour I, we find both Hadban Enzahi and Ghazal, with an interesting twist that further complements Suror's pedigree. I think it is especially poignant, that these two Nazeer sons, from another long ago era,  are found together again in one horse, who brings so much honor to their memory. Hadban Enzahi sired the stallion Madkour I (the sire of Ameera), while Ghazal sired Madkour's dam, Moheba II, out of Malacha, who traces to the dam of *Ansata Ibn Halima, through the Sid Abouhom daughter, Moheba. All of this genetic superpower came together to create a very modern Egyptian super horse...Suror Ezzain. Tragically, Suror is no longer alive, however, Ezzain has retained two Suror daughters in the program: Anwaar Ezzain (out of NK Yasmin) and Nayyerah Ezzain (out of Ansata Suleyma). Suror's influence continues further into the future as a maternal grandsire of the following fillies: Naqam Ezzain, Radhwaa Ezzain, Mnaar Ezzain, Einaas Ezzain, Saneiah Ezzain, 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yaasoob Ezzain is a NK Qaswarah son, out of NK Nada (Adnan x Nashua), a double Salaa El Dine granddaughter, as both Adnan and Nashua are sired by him. On the sire side, NK Qaswarah has three lines to Salaa el Dine and when combined with Nada,  a total of five lines to this special horse appear in Yaasoob's pedigree. In tail female, Yaasoob is a Hadban, as he traces through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. This tail female line is also the same line that has produced stallions like Hadban Enzahi (Nazeer x Kamla), Shaarawi (*Morafic x Bint Kamla), the Alaa el Din daughters, Lutfia and Nazeema. Yaasoob has sired four horses selected for the Ezzain breeding program, a colt named Bihnas and three fillies: Radhwaa, Kamilia and Saneiah

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Continuing Influence of NK Nakeebya

NK Nakeebya has produced so well for Ezzain. Through her progeny, she has created a dynasty of horses who are outrageously beautiful, producing a level of consistency, from daughter-to-daughter, like nothing we have ever seen before. With Ansata AlMurtajiz she produced a LIVING masterpiece, the national champion mare of Bahrain, Nabaweyah Ezzain, pictured above. NK Nakeebya vividly illustrates why she is considered influential. She is a beautiful mare herself but she has produced daughters whose quality is far greater than her own.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aneesilnefous Ezzain

Of all the sons and daughters that NK Qaswarah has sired for Ezzain Arabians, Aneesilnefous is the most like him. As NK Qaswarah is beautiful, so too is Aneesilnefous but his beauty is more intensely dramatic than his sire. Aneesilnefous is a more refined version of Qaswarah, thanks to the influence of his dam, NK Momtaza. Aneesilnefous is truly extraordinary and in the fine details, you find an authentic son of the desert. Nature is a skilled artist and in her wisdom, the qualities we admire in the horse as "beautiful", actually allows the horse to survive in this harsh environment  Aneesilnefous is smooth-bodied and strong,  a picture book example of strength, with the substance of his sire, including a wide, muscled chest, a round, well-muscled hindquarter and barrel with a well sprung rib cage and deeper heart girth. His hocks drive his body forward with much power and longer, well-muscled forearms with shorter cannons allow him to reach out and swallow the ground in front of him. When he moves, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than Aneesilnefous.. You are enchanted by the horse. His skin is heavily pigmented and fine, which accentuates every tear bone and vein in his face. His muzzle is fine, not thick or boxy and his nostrils are elastic. His ears are small, with a lovely, pointy shape to them, giving him a look of intelligent curiosity. His eye is large, round and luminous. His neck is longer, with length in the poll and like Qaswarah, he has a very nice mitbah, with a clean underline. The qualities that one sees in Aneesilnefous are the unique characteristics that make the Arabian Horse so unlike any other horse. Aneesilnefous is a celebration, in one body, of all the special qualities we cherish in the Arabian horse.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Influence of the Sire at Ezzain

In a previous blog article, we have studied the role of the most influential mares in the Ezzain breeding program. However, what about the stallions? Which horses exert the most influence on the creation of the Ezzain Arabian horse? For many reasons, NK Hafid Jamil will always be the most important cornerstone of the Ezzain breeding program. His continuing influence is primarily felt through the get of NK Qaswarah, pictured above, who is the chief sire of Ezzain Arabians. The current program features six Qaswarah sons and fifteen daughters. That's approximately half of the program!!  Of Qaswarah's six sons,  two stallions, Aneesilnefous and Yaasoob, have sired one son each and collectively, have sired ten daughters, all of whom have been selected for breeding. Additionally, a son of NK Hafid Jamil  named NK Nadeer is represented by one daughter who will also become part of the program. While Qaswarah is the male representative of NK Hafid Jamil in the program; Ezzain also has three daughters, NK Jurie, Dhuha AlNakeeb and Jenan AlNakeeb. So, one can say that NK Hafid Jamil is not only significant; he is crucially important to Ezzain, as 37 of the 45 horses trace to him either as a sire or grandsire. That's over 80% of the program deeply influenced by one horse!

In the early 90's, when Usamah Alkazemi began to formulate a plan of action to breed the horse he envisioned in his mind's eye, he visited Ansata Arabian Stud, as he had become aware that many of the horses he admired, shared common ground in the prefix name, "Ansata". It was on this visit that he met and selected Ansata AlMurtajiz. While we can say that NK Hafid Jamil, through his son NK Qaswarah is a cornerstone of Ezzain, so too, we can say that Ansata Hejazi, is important, through his son, Ansata AlMurtajiz, who is one of the most important and most remarkable of the modern Ansata-bred horses, maybe even eclipsing his sire in consistency, as evidenced by the continuing influence Ansata AlMurtajiz has at Ezzain.   Ansata AlMurtajiz is important because he was the first and he established a level of quality and consistency that made it possible for a super horse like NK Qaswarah to take it to the next level. Ezzain has two Ansata AlMurtajiz daughters in the breeding program, Azhaar, who is a mare of great influence, having founded a vitally important family of horses at Ezzain. The other daughter is Alamirah, who carries much significance personally for Usamah Alkazemi, her breeder. However, the influence of Ansata AlMurtajiz is made  greater through his sons, Suror and Nooreddine, who have sired two daughters each, who are not only beautiful horses but also, active broodmares in the program. But what is amazing about the Ansata AlMurtajiz sons is that as maternal grandsires, their influence continues to be felt! Nooreddine is represented in five horses, while Suror is represented in six! I don't believe that a more compelling statement can be made, as to why Ansata AlMurtajiz remains so significant in the Ezzain breeding program. 

Adnan is a son of Salaa el Dine and the Ghazal daughter, Ghazala. Ezzain has one Adnan daughter in the program, Ajmal Ibtihaj, but what is extremely interesting to consider about Adnan,  is the manner in which his influence continues today, in the Ezzain program. Adnan's influence is felt most as a maternal grandsire. He is represented in the pedigree of nine Ezzain horses, as a maternal grandsire. 

These three horses, Ansata AlMurtajiz, NK Qaswarah and Adnan have collectively defined the Ezzain breeding program with a very unique look, found no where else in the world. They have given flesh and bone to the horse that Usamah Alkazemi envisioned as the ideal Arabian, now recognized the world over as the Ezzain Arabian horse.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Omildalal Ezzain

Omildalal Ezzain is a new filly out of Layla AlNakeeb by NK Qaswarah. 
She is a Saqlawiyah, tracing to Moniet el Nefous in her tail female line, through the breeding program of Richard Pritzlaff of Rancho San Ignacio. As a matter of fact, the maternal side of the pedigree is intensified in the blood of Moniet el Nefous. Layla AlNakeeb's dam, MB Shaleema is a daughter of Prince Ibn Shaikh, who is one of the many fantastic sons, like El Halimaar, ET Crown Prince, Halim el Mansour and Haliluyah MH, produced by the elite broodmare, RDM Maar Hala. So, in addition to the Pritzlaff lines, we also have Nefisa through El Hilal, combined with the Babson breeding program. This is an interesting pedigree for Ezzain, as we already see the family of Nefisa represented in the program through Dhuha AlNakeeb and her NK Qaswarah son, Bahei and while Moniet el Nefous is also represented in the breeding program through the progeny of NK Momtaza, the source through the Pritzlaff lines has become more rare in the world and combined with the double dose of NK Hafid Jamil; Omildalal is one of the more uniquely bred straight Egyptian mares in our community. There is a growing sense of excitement to see what her role at Ezzain will be for the future.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Ezzain Arabian Horse

Bahei Ezzain is representative of the exciting future of the Ezzain breeding program. He is a son of NK Qaswarah and Dhuha AlNakeeb. With excellent foundation horses, Ezzain is breeding a higher level of quality, a higher level of refinement, as compared to their parents and grandparents, even in the first generation of true Ezzain breeding. Such is the wisdom of Usamah Alkazemi in selecting these horses and combining the bloodlines to produce a very unique look, now recognized the world over as the Ezzain Arabian horse.

Alttafilbari Ezzain

Alttafilbari is a daughter of NK Qaswarah, out of Ajmal Ibtihaj. She is a Dahmah, tracing through Ansata Bint Sameh to Farida. Just look at her, she is extraordinary. When I saw her deep heart girth, I was mesmerized. Her sleek and athletic body conveys great power, speed and stamina. She is magnificent!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Five Influential Mares of Ezzain Arabians

The Ezzain breeding program has evolved to include 45 horses - 9 stallions and 36 mares (which does not include the new foals that have been born this year). This is a larger number of breeding horses than we are used to seeing in this day and age of modern Egyptian Arabian horse breeding and because of the unique combinations in this group of horses, this is a program to study, as it is one of the more serious breeding programs that I have ever known and Mr. Usamah Alkazemi, is one of the great students of the breed, as evidenced by the quality of the horse he is breeding consistently. In organizing the program, I divided the mares into 11 families:
  1. NK Momtaza
  2. Azhaar Ezzain (Zahra)
  3. Dhuha AlNakeeb
  4. Ajmal Ibtihaj
  5. NK Nariman
  6. NK Yasmin
  7. Jenan AlNakeeb
  8. NK Nakeebya
  9. NK Nada
  10. Nayyerah Ezzain (Ansata Suleyma)
  11. Hebatilbari Ezzain
The advantage in getting to know each and every horse personally, with a solid understanding of the vision of Usamah Alkazemi and the attributes that are important to him, pedigree study of the families, which includes the observation of the traits inherent within each family, have sharpened my awareness to recognize the influential mares who have not only impacted Ezzain significantly, they have become part of the living fiber that defines Ezzain and the unique look that this breeding program has created. It's more than just recognizing the individual and remarking on her beauty and the beautiful foals she has produced. It's WAAAAY more than that. It's astutely observing the strengths that are passed from one mare to her daughter, to a granddaughter and on and on and on. The beauty, the refinement and the elegance becomes even more intensified, in the succeeding generations. It's important to say that at the core of these mares, is Usamah Alkazemi. He is selectively breeding for specific traits that are loyal to the desert horse, that is, qualities that allowed the horse to not only survive the harsh climate but thrive in it as well. Usamah has tried a wide variety of blood and because he is a decisive person with a keen eye, he knows when a particular horse is not working in the program and he practices out of necessity, the most rigorous and strict culling that I have ever known. There is no emotion involved. I think of myself and the challenge that it would be to recognize when a horse whom I have had a great deal of affection for, is not working out in the way that I believed she would. For Usamah, there is no "muddying of the water" and either the horse produces to his expectations or she doesn't and is no longer part of the breeding program. He is a visionary and a great breeder and the strength and consistency of his horses is his ultimate reward. The following five mares represent the very foundation of the program and are vitally important to Ezzain, through the continuing influence they continue to exert, through their progeny.
"Here is one of my cornerstones and one of the most blessed mares in term of production, NK YASMIN (ADNAN X HELALA). She is a half-sister to NK Hafid Jamill, Qaswarah's father, both out of Helala(Salaa eldine x Ansata Gloriana). She is a wonderful mare and a big blessing for Ezzain, AL7HAMDOLILLAH AL3ALI AL3ATHEEM."-Usamah Alkazemi
NK Yasmin has produced one of the most beautiful mares at Ezzain, the black beauty, Ekramilbari Ezzain. If Ekramilbari were her only achievement, she would remain a noteworthy mare  but she also produced Najmah Ezzain, who in turn produced two spectacular fillies, Radhwaa and Einaas, who will take this family further into the future. They are both extremely promising fillies. Yasmin also produced the mare, Anwaar, who in turn has produced Saneiah, another spectacular filly, who will become yet another important mare in the family. Yasmin also has produced the exciting and upcoming stallion, Maisarah.

"NK NAKEEBYA (NK HAFID JAMILL X NK NABEELAH) is a Hadban mare that was a pivotal stone at Ezzain, AL7HAMDOLILLAH. She was a heavenly gift, a super producer with whichever stallion that was tried, AL7HAMDOLILLAH."-Usamah Alkazemi
NK Nakeebya is one of multiple sources of Nashua blood in the Ezzain program. There is also NK Nada and a new filly, Naswah Bint Nadeer. However, this mare has produced so well for Ezzain and in turn, her daughters are producing well for Ezzain and their progeny are up-and-coming stars for the breeding program. NK Nakeebya has nicked well with Nooreddine Ezzain, who interestingly, is a son of NK Nada, a Nashua daughter. She produced the full sisters, Aaliyah and Albaheiah by Nooreddine. Albaheiah has produced the very exciting and promising black stallion, Thettwa Ezzain and a bay filly named Bahilla Ezzain, both by NK Qaswarah. With Ansata AlMurtajiz, who is the sire of Nooreddine, she produced masterpieces, including the national champion mare of Bahrain, Nabaweyah Ezzain and her full sister, Safeyyah Ezzain. Safeyyah, when bred to NK Qaswarah, produced the bay mare, Naseemah AlWard, who when bred to Aneesilnefous, produced the very promising filly, Ssafinaz Ezzain. NK Nakeebya vividly illustrates why a mare is considered influential. She is a beautiful mare herself but she has produced daughters who are even more lovely than she is. THAT, to me is a rock solid foundation mare, who produces a level of quality that is far greater than her own.
Azhaar Ezzain is representative of her dam, the outstanding broodmare, Zahra (KP Nameed x Assal) who remains a "superstar" in the Ezzain program, having produced the stallion, Suror Ezzain and the full sister, Azhaar. However, it is Azhaar who has given Ezzain the outrageously beautiful mares, Shamsilshmous, Badrilbdoor and Ommilmaali Ezzain. It is not possible to go anywhere in this world and find three mares of this high caliber, located in one place. Any visitor to Ezzain, after meeting Shamsilshmous will marvel over how beautiful this mare is in person and for a long time, will not be able to think of anything else. I know, because this visitor was me.  In turn, Shamsilshmous has produced an up-and-coming colt, Addilham, who one day, will influence this family from the sire side of the pedigree.  In addition, she has produced the exciting filly Kamilia, by Yaasoob Ezzain. 
The Saqlawi strain at Ezzain Arabians would not exist, if it were not for NK Momtaza. She is the source and the dam of Aneesilnefous Ezzain, one of the most exciting stallions that I have ever met and a sire who gets consistently, wonderful daughters. She has also produced one of my favorite mares in the program, the ravishing bay beauty, Dorrah Ezzain. When I think of Momtaza, I think of these two horses immediately, as they have made the greatest impression upon me. However, Momtaza also produced Moniet Ezzain by Salaa el Dine, who has produced for Ezzain two daughters, Omneyah Ezzain by Nooreddine and the up-and-coming filly, Najeiah Ezzain by NK Qaswarah. Omneyah has produced for Ezzain, a fantastic filly named Amaani Ezzain by NK Qaswarah. The other NK Momtaza daughter is Nasseyrah Ezzain by Nooreddine Ezzain, who has produced two fillies by Aneesilnefous Ezzain: Mardeiah Ezzain and Hhawraa Ezzain

It can be said by other enthusiasts that NK Nada and NK Nakeebya belong to the same mare family, that of Nashua and while I don't disagree, the real reason as to why I separate both mares into two distinct foundation families is because NK Nakeebya is an influencer through the female or maternal side of the pedigree, while the family of NK Nada exerts its most influence on the sire side. NK Nada has blessed the Ezzain program with two significant sons: Nooreddine Ezzain (by Ansata AlMurtajiz) and Yaasoob Ezzain (by NK Qaswarah). The Nooreddine-sired daughters like Omneyah, Albaheiah, Aaliyah are phenomenal broodmares for Ezzain and have strengthened the influence of the NK Nakeebya family, which interestingly is related to this family, as they trace to Nashua too. One of the last foals that NK Nada produced for Ezzain is the filly Qattrilnada Ezzain. It will be interesting to see how the influence of NK Nada is made from a different side of the pedigree, than what we are used to seeing Nada on.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ommilmaali Ezzain

Ommilmaali is a full sister to Shamsilshmous and Badrilbdoor. An extremely typey mare, she is by NK Qaswarah and out of the Ansata AlMurtajiz daughter, Azhaar Ezzain. This young mare is further proof of the elite broodmare that Azhaar is and why she is so vitally important to the Ezzain breeding program. She has nicked well with NK Qaswarah, producing three daughters and with the Qaswarah son, Yaasoob, she produced Kamilia. All four daughters are extraordinary. Ommilmaali was sold to Mr. Khalid Alonezi, who also owns the mares Najmah Ezzain, Albaheiah Ezzan and the colt, Harras Ezzain. 

Dorrah (not the explorer)

Dorrah is the full sister of Aneesilnefous Ezzain. She is by NK Qaswarah out of the important foundation mare, NK Momtaza.  It is difficult to single out one horse as the "favorite" when so many of the horses are "favorites" but Dorrah comes closest to being that horse for me.

Friday, October 4, 2013

NK Qaswarah

NK Qaswarah is by NK Hafid Jamil and out of NK Nariman, a Salaa el Dine daughter out of the *Jamil daughter, Amarilla. He is Abeyyan by strain, as he traces to Hanan, through his tail female line. As a matter of fact, Hanan appears in the pedigree 7 times, as the dam of Ghazala, *Jamil and Salaa el Dine. However, in person, he looks more like a Dahman strain horse. Maybe the 6 lines to Bukra and the 6 lines to Halima have made a bigger impact on his phenotype than the Abeyyan side of his pedigree.  NK Qaswarah is reminiscent of the timeless horses of old, the horses depicted in cherished paintings, the type of horse that inspired Pashas, Princes and Kings. His beauty is overwhelming. There is so much to see in his presentation, that it is not possible to comprehend all that your eyes are seeing. He is that fantastic. He has a wonderful neck, that is fine and the arch of his neck, as it meets the poll, creates one of the best necks in the breed; maybe even the best. He is a most harmonious horse, his circular lines are generously curvey, smooth and flow from one line, into the next. He is well-muscled, substantial,  and every fiber of his being conveys power. And yet, he is an extraordinary horse, for his high level of refinement and outstanding classic type. Even in the smallest details, Qaswarah overflows with elegance. As perfect a specimen he is, Qaswarah is a consistent sire, equally siring stallions and mares possessing his great quality or, even better than he is. He has defined the Ezzain breeding program with a very unique look that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. NK Qaswarah is Ezzain and Ezzain, is every bit NK Qaswarah. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nashwah Bint Nadeer

Nashwah Bint Nadeer  (NK Nadeer x Bint Nashua) is a pure-in-the-strain chestnut-colored Hadbah, as NK Nadeer and Bint Nashua both trace to the same horses---Lotfeia through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. The dam of NK Nadeer is NK Nadirah, a full sister to NK Nada. She is by the Salaa el Dine son, Adnan and out of Nashua. Bint Nashua is by the Salaa el Dine son, Nahaman and out of Nashua. Salaa el Dine appears in the pedigree 6 times. It's an interesting mix of Dahman and Hadban influences, as we have observed in some of the most important horses in straight Egyptian breeding. Nayyerah, the Ansata Suleyma daughter is the only other chestnut in the Ezzain program, so it is very nice to see this color in another individual. 

Qattrilnada Ezzain

Qattrilnada is the daughter of NK Nada, sired by NK Qaswarah. She is a Hadbah by strain and in tail female, she traces through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. The combination of NK Qaswarah and NK Nada accomplishes many things, one of which is the intensification of the blood of the Ansata Halim Shah son, Salaa el Dine. He appears 5 times, 3 of those times are close up, in the generation of the great grandparents. The tail female line of  NK Hafid Jamil is to Bukra through Ansata Gloriana to Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah. In many ways, one can say that in Qattrilnada, we have similar ancestral components that in the past were successfully blended together to produce a classic horse like *Ansata Ibn Halima. For many years, the influence of a beautiful mare like NK Nada could only be felt at Ezzain through the paternal side of the pedigree,  through Nada's sons Yaasoob or Nooreddine. Now, Ezzain can enjoy a more  balanced influence of NK Nada, through both the paternal and the maternal side of the pedigree, through Qattrilnada Ezzain.

NK Nada

NK Nada (Adnan x Nashua) is a double Salaa el Dine granddaughter, as both Adnan and Nashua are sired by him. In tail female, NK Nada is a Hadbah and traces to Kamla. This is the same line that has given Egyptian breeding the *Morafic son, Shaarawi and the Alaa el Din daughter, Lutfia. The remarkable fact about Nashua is that she produced daughters, not sons: 4 mares by Adnan and 3 mares by Nahaman. NK Nada has three full sisters: NK Nasrin, NK Nadirah and NK Nadeerah. Ezzain has retained her son Yaasoob (by NK Qaswarah) and her daughter, Qattrilnada (also by NK Qaswarah). 

Ssafinaz Ezzain

Ssafinaz Ezzain is out of Naseemah AlWard and sired by Aneesilnefous Ezzain. The most interesting point to make about her pedigree is that both her dam and her sire are by NK Qaswarah. Ssafinaz is a Hadbah by strain but the other interesting part to her genetics is that her phenotype, which is deeply influenced by her great granddam, NK Nakeebya, is also influenced by the characteristics we have come to recognize as those of the Saqlawi strain, the strain of her sire, Aneesilnefous.  She has a longer neck with added length to her poll, she is longer in the leg, longer in the back, longer in the forearms...just a stretchier, scopier version of her great granddam and quite the opposite of her dam, Naseemah, who is a very close-coupled mare. Ssafinaz is an exciting, promising filly, simply because of the qualities that she can contribute to the breeding program at Ezzain. She is one of the fillies to closely watch, as she matures into her destiny as one of Ezzain's queens.

Naseemah AlWard

Naseemah AlWard is a daughter of Safeyyah Ezzain, sired by NK Qaswarah. She is closely related to Bahilla, as Safeyyah and Albaheiah are sisters in blood. I need to point that out, as Naseemah is very interesting because phenotypically, she is similar to Aaliyah and to Bahilla. She is a strong mare, close-coupled and with much substance. She has a powerfully muscled body, with fantastic shoulders, a wide chest and generous hindquarters. But look at her neck, not only for how well set the neck is but look at the added length in her poll. Her throatlatch is clean and roomy and my fist comfortably fits there. She has excellent pigmentation and her skin quality is super, allowing the prominence of bone and vein to show every detail in her face. Her eyes are fully black with a very nice shape. She has a beautiful muzzle, not thick or boxy and her nostrils add to the picture of a classic desert mare. She is one of the treasures of Ezzain and no surprise, as she comes from an extremely consistent and exceptional family of Hadban strain horses.

Safeyyah Ezzain

Safeyyah Ezzain is out of NK Nakeebya, sired by Ansata AlMurtajiz. She is closely related to Aaliyah and Albaheiah Ezzain because the sire of these two mares is Nooreddine, a son of Ansata AlMurtajiz. As a matte of fact, in overall type, she is closer to Albaheiah, as Safeyyah favors her sire, who is the best stallion of the contemporary post-Halima Shah Ansata horses. Time has proven that fact. Safeyyah also favors NK Nakeebya in her very correct conformation and the stretchier look that this mare passes on so strongly to her progeny. From the longer neck, to the longer forearm, to the longer back, Safeyyah embodies her mother's best characteristics. One look at her face though, and you see Ansata AlMurtajiz, who has the most expressive eyes of any Arabian horse in the world. She inherited his beautiful, soft, deeply black eye. That's important to note, as beautifully shaped, fully black eyes are getting harder to find. She is a beautiful mare, with a refined and elegant look.

Bahilla Ezzain

Bahilla Ezzain is a daughter of Albaheiah Ezzain, sired by NK Qaswarah. She is a full sister to Thettwa Ezzain, the exciting young black stallion at Ezzain. Bahilla reminds me of Aaliyah, the full sister of Albaheiah. She is strong in her body, like this family is noted for and yet, she is so refined! Her look is that of a classic, with a close-coupled body accentuated by a level, smooth and strong topline. She has a fabulous neck set, which underscores the muscling in her shoulders and wide chest. Her tail carriage is amazing, with the high set tail carried away from the body. Her skin quality is excellent with deep pigmentation and the texture of her coat hair is extremely fine to the touch. Her eyes are fully black, with a very nice expressive shape. Her head is shorter and her muzzle is fine, not heavy with elastic nostrils that when fully dilated, transform her into the timeless drinker of the wind. She has a great future as one of the stars of the breeding program at Ezzain.

Thettwa Ezzain

Thettwa Ezzain is a son of Albaheiah Ezzain, sired by NK Qaswarah. He is a Hadban by strain, tracing in tail female line through Kamla, to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. His sire, NK Qaswarah is Abeyyan by strain, tracing to the Queen of Katharinenhof, Hanan. There are other pedigree elements to point out, like Bukra, who NK Hafid Jamil traces to in tail female line, through Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah. It is surprising how much color NK Qaswarah (who is grey in color) sires. And yet, Thettwa is more, much more than his black color. He is taller, stretchier, with added length in his lines, very similarly built to his maternal granddam, NK Nakeebya. He reminds me of her with his longer neck, longer back, longer forearms. Between his correct conformation and his black color, there is no doubt that Thettwa is a star-in-the-making. As a matter of fact, I am very excited over the future and Usamah's plans to breed Thettwa to his other black treasures, Ekramilbari and Altafilbari. That is really something to be excited about!

Albaheiah Ezzain

Albaheiah Ezzain is a full sister of Aaliyah Ezzain, sired by Nooreddine Ezzain and out of NK Nakeebya. She is grey in color and favors the influence of her paternal grandsire, Ansata AlMurtajiz. I see it in her ears, in the structure of her face, especially in the muzzle and in the overall smoothness and harmony of her body. But these are very subtle differences between her and her sister, Aaliyah, because they are more similar than different, in terms of the correctness of their conformation and the overwhelming type that both mares possess. There is something to be said of the nick" that exists between Nooreddine and Nakeebya. These mares are so outrageous, that it is only natural to want to repeat the breeding as many times as possible, in the hope of creating an army of these powerhouse mares.

Aaliyah Ezzain

Aaliyah is a NK Nakeebya daughter, sired by Nooreddine Ezzain. She is a pure-in-the-strain Hadbah, as both her sire and dam are of the Hadban strain. Nakeebya's dam, NK Nabeelah is a Nashua daughter, while Nooreddine's dam, NK Nada is a Nashua daughter. The maternal lines of both sire and dam are closely related. as the sires of NK Nabeelah and NK Nada are Salaa el Dine sons. Really, the only differences are the sires, Madkour I (Ameera) and Ghazal (Ghazala).  Aaliyah is one of my favorite mares at Ezzain. She inherited the very correct, very strong body of her mother. She has much substance and power. And yet, for as powerfully built as this mare is, she is so refined and elegant! Her back is shorter and her topline is strong and smooth, as it flows into powerfully muscled shoulders.  Her neck is well set on her wide and strong chest and she has extra length in her poll. It's just a graceful picture of harmony, symmetry and beauty. She has excellent skin quality, deeply pigmented and the prominence of bone and vein in her face is outstanding. Her muzzle is very fine and delicate and is accentuated with elastic nostrils that when fully dilated, heighten the dramatic features of a desert horse to overwhelm the senses.

NK Nakeebya

NK Nakeebya is a daughter of NK Hafid Jamil out of NK Nabeelah (Nahaman x Nashua). Like NK Yasmin, NK Momtaza, Azhaar Ezzain, NK Nada, Ajmal Ibtihaj and NK Narima; Nakeebya is an extremely important mare in the Ezzain breeding program and the foundress of an influential and deeply cherished family of Hadban-strain horses. In tail female, she traces through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. We also know that the tail female of NK Hafid Jamil is Bukra, through the dam of Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Rosetta. So, in one horse, we recognize the presence of two of the most powerful lines in straight Egyptian breeding, just as they were combined in the pedigree of one of the most dearly loved horses of all time, *Ansata Ibn Halima. Nakeebya is a taller, stretchier mare, with a lot of scope. Looking at Nakeebya, once cannot help but notice the added length to all of her lines in her body. She has a fabulous long neck, well set on her body, longer, well-muscled forearms, shorter cannons, a deeper heart girth, a strong and smooth topline and generous,  powerfully muscled hindquarters. And yet, in spite of her strong and correct conformation, she has so much refinement! Her skin quality is fine with excellent pigmentation, she has big, deeply black eyes, set lower in the head and the prominence of bone in her face, accentuate the dry look of the desert. Her muzzle is not heavy nor boxy and her elastic nostrils complete a very dramatic desert profile. She remains a true queen of Ezzain.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jannat Ezzain

Jannat is a daughter of Jenan AlNakeeb, by NK Qaswarah. Immediately, this pedigree jumps out at you because both Jenan AlNakeeb and NK Qaswarah are sired by NK Hafid Jamil. We know that the tail female line of NK Hafid Jamil is Bukra, through Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah (Nazeer influence) and we also know that the tail female line of Jenan AlNakeeb is Bukra, through a different source, Ansata Bint Misr (Sameh influence). It's a beautiful pedigree, concentrated in the blood of Bukra. Almost 70 years from her date of foaling, the influence of the RAS grey mare, Bukra, can still be seen and felt in today's Egyptian Arabian Horses. She remains extremely relevant in our gene pool and one of our most precious and critical foundation horses, as she is a primary source of classic Egyptian Arabian Horse type, as we can see in beautiful Jannat.

Jenan Alnakeeb

Jenan AlNakeeb is a NK Hafid Jamil daughter out of an Imperial Immarouf (Ansata Imperial x Glorieta Maarqesa) daughter. In her tail female line, she traces to Bukra, through her dam, Ansata Sabika, a granddaughter of the beautiful, bay colored daughter of Ansata Samarra, a Jamil daughter out of Ansata Samantha. She is a beautiful Dahmah strain mare with excellent pigmentation. Her elegance oozes out of her fine skin, which accentuates the dramatic contours of her drier face, including the prominent and chiseled facial bones. She has smaller sized ears with a very nice shape. Her eyes are large, round, fully black and set lower in her head. Her nostrils are elastic and underscore the authentic look of this mare. She is representative of the strength of the Dahman program at Ezzain.

Hhalimah Ezzain

Hhalimah Ezzain is out of NK Ahlam, who is a full sister to NK Yasmin. She is sired by the handsome Aneesilnefous. In her tail female line, she also traces to Bukra through Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah. This young filly is a Dahmah, topcrossed with Saqlawi. However, phenotypically, she is strong in the influence of the Dahman. She embodies many of the characteristics we associate with this strain. She is close coupled, with strong, smooth, flowing lines, accentuated with a brilliant tail carriage.