Friday, October 25, 2013

Reference Sire: Suror Ezzain

The late Suror Ezzain was an extraordinary stallion, sired by Ansata AlMurtajiz, out of Zahra. Suror was a full brother to the wonderful broodmare, Azhaar Ezzain. His pedigree is interesting, as his mother's ancestors are horses that are becoming scarce in today's Egyptian bloodlines: Gharib, Tuhotmos, Hadban Enzahi, Galal and Ghazal.  His sire is an interesting line-bred Ansata horse, concentrated in the blood of *Ansata Ibn Halima, Bukra, *Morafic and his full sister,*Ansata Bint Mabrouka. The outcross blood in Ansata AlMurtajiz's pedigree comes from the Babson Horses via Prince Fa Moniet and the Inshass stallion, Sameh, who is the sire of Ansata's best producing broodmare: Ansata Bint Misr. *Ansata Ibn Halima is the "glue" which holds both sides of the pedigree together, on the maternal side we see Ansata Halim Shah, the sire of Motassem, who in turn sired Zahra's father, KP Nameed. Messaouda, the dam of Motassem, was sired by the horse who revolutionized the Marbach breeding program, Gharib. As we make notice of the close connections to Ibn Halima;  we also notice Moniet El Nefous in Suror's sire line, as well as in his dam lines, through *Tuhotmos (the sire of Nana, who produced Nameeza, the dam of KP Nameed),  through Shaarawi, the sire of Adeeb and through Ameer, the sire of Ibn Nazeema. It is also through this stallion, Ibn Nazeema, that we also notice Alaa El Din, as the sire of Nazeema (the dam of Ibn Nazeema) as well as the sire of Hanan (who produced Ameera).  In Madkour I, we find both Hadban Enzahi and Ghazal, with an interesting twist that further complements Suror's pedigree. I think it is especially poignant, that these two Nazeer sons, from another long ago era,  are found together again in one horse, who brings so much honor to their memory. Hadban Enzahi sired the stallion Madkour I (the sire of Ameera), while Ghazal sired Madkour's dam, Moheba II, out of Malacha, who traces to the dam of *Ansata Ibn Halima, through the Sid Abouhom daughter, Moheba. All of this genetic superpower came together to create a very modern Egyptian super horse...Suror Ezzain. Tragically, Suror is no longer alive, however, Ezzain has retained two Suror daughters in the program: Anwaar Ezzain (out of NK Yasmin) and Nayyerah Ezzain (out of Ansata Suleyma). Suror's influence continues further into the future as a maternal grandsire of the following fillies: Naqam Ezzain, Radhwaa Ezzain, Mnaar Ezzain, Einaas Ezzain, Saneiah Ezzain, 

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