Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nashwah Bint Nadeer

Nashwah Bint Nadeer  (NK Nadeer x Bint Nashua) is a pure-in-the-strain chestnut-colored Hadbah, as NK Nadeer and Bint Nashua both trace to the same horses---Lotfeia through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. The dam of NK Nadeer is NK Nadirah, a full sister to NK Nada. She is by the Salaa el Dine son, Adnan and out of Nashua. Bint Nashua is by the Salaa el Dine son, Nahaman and out of Nashua. Salaa el Dine appears in the pedigree 6 times. It's an interesting mix of Dahman and Hadban influences, as we have observed in some of the most important horses in straight Egyptian breeding. Nayyerah, the Ansata Suleyma daughter is the only other chestnut in the Ezzain program, so it is very nice to see this color in another individual. 

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