Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Naseemah AlWard

Naseemah AlWard is a daughter of Safeyyah Ezzain, sired by NK Qaswarah. She is closely related to Bahilla, as Safeyyah and Albaheiah are sisters in blood. I need to point that out, as Naseemah is very interesting because phenotypically, she is similar to Aaliyah and to Bahilla. She is a strong mare, close-coupled and with much substance. She has a powerfully muscled body, with fantastic shoulders, a wide chest and generous hindquarters. But look at her neck, not only for how well set the neck is but look at the added length in her poll. Her throatlatch is clean and roomy and my fist comfortably fits there. She has excellent pigmentation and her skin quality is super, allowing the prominence of bone and vein to show every detail in her face. Her eyes are fully black with a very nice shape. She has a beautiful muzzle, not thick or boxy and her nostrils add to the picture of a classic desert mare. She is one of the treasures of Ezzain and no surprise, as she comes from an extremely consistent and exceptional family of Hadban strain horses.

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