Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Influence of the Sire at Ezzain

In a previous blog article, we have studied the role of the most influential mares in the Ezzain breeding program. However, what about the stallions? Which horses exert the most influence on the creation of the Ezzain Arabian horse? For many reasons, NK Hafid Jamil will always be the most important cornerstone of the Ezzain breeding program. His continuing influence is primarily felt through the get of NK Qaswarah, pictured above, who is the chief sire of Ezzain Arabians. The current program features six Qaswarah sons and fifteen daughters. That's approximately half of the program!!  Of Qaswarah's six sons,  two stallions, Aneesilnefous and Yaasoob, have sired one son each and collectively, have sired ten daughters, all of whom have been selected for breeding. Additionally, a son of NK Hafid Jamil  named NK Nadeer is represented by one daughter who will also become part of the program. While Qaswarah is the male representative of NK Hafid Jamil in the program; Ezzain also has three daughters, NK Jurie, Dhuha AlNakeeb and Jenan AlNakeeb. So, one can say that NK Hafid Jamil is not only significant; he is crucially important to Ezzain, as 37 of the 45 horses trace to him either as a sire or grandsire. That's over 80% of the program deeply influenced by one horse!

In the early 90's, when Usamah Alkazemi began to formulate a plan of action to breed the horse he envisioned in his mind's eye, he visited Ansata Arabian Stud, as he had become aware that many of the horses he admired, shared common ground in the prefix name, "Ansata". It was on this visit that he met and selected Ansata AlMurtajiz. While we can say that NK Hafid Jamil, through his son NK Qaswarah is a cornerstone of Ezzain, so too, we can say that Ansata Hejazi, is important, through his son, Ansata AlMurtajiz, who is one of the most important and most remarkable of the modern Ansata-bred horses, maybe even eclipsing his sire in consistency, as evidenced by the continuing influence Ansata AlMurtajiz has at Ezzain.   Ansata AlMurtajiz is important because he was the first and he established a level of quality and consistency that made it possible for a super horse like NK Qaswarah to take it to the next level. Ezzain has two Ansata AlMurtajiz daughters in the breeding program, Azhaar, who is a mare of great influence, having founded a vitally important family of horses at Ezzain. The other daughter is Alamirah, who carries much significance personally for Usamah Alkazemi, her breeder. However, the influence of Ansata AlMurtajiz is made  greater through his sons, Suror and Nooreddine, who have sired two daughters each, who are not only beautiful horses but also, active broodmares in the program. But what is amazing about the Ansata AlMurtajiz sons is that as maternal grandsires, their influence continues to be felt! Nooreddine is represented in five horses, while Suror is represented in six! I don't believe that a more compelling statement can be made, as to why Ansata AlMurtajiz remains so significant in the Ezzain breeding program. 

Adnan is a son of Salaa el Dine and the Ghazal daughter, Ghazala. Ezzain has one Adnan daughter in the program, Ajmal Ibtihaj, but what is extremely interesting to consider about Adnan,  is the manner in which his influence continues today, in the Ezzain program. Adnan's influence is felt most as a maternal grandsire. He is represented in the pedigree of nine Ezzain horses, as a maternal grandsire. 

These three horses, Ansata AlMurtajiz, NK Qaswarah and Adnan have collectively defined the Ezzain breeding program with a very unique look, found no where else in the world. They have given flesh and bone to the horse that Usamah Alkazemi envisioned as the ideal Arabian, now recognized the world over as the Ezzain Arabian horse.

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