Monday, July 26, 2010

Yaasoob Ezzain

"Then in his beautiful eyes, stood the tears of appealing,
words inarticulate.
If he had learned our men's language, then had he called to me:
if he had known our tongue's secret,
had he cried to me."-from The Ode to Antara,, 2004
Yaasoob Ezzain is sired by NK Qaswarah and his dam is NK Nada (Adnan x Nashua), a double Salaa El Dine grandaughter, as both her sire and her dam claim him as their sire. In tail female, NK Nada traces to Kamla, through her daughter by El Sareei, Bint Kamla. This is the same line that has given our community a stallion like Shaarawi (*Morafic x Bint Kamla), the Alaa el Din daughters, Lutfia and Nazeema (who bore the stallion, Ibn Nazeema by Ameer, who in turn, sired one of the most beautiful stallions, the chestnut El Thay Mameluk). The remarkable fact about Nashua, NK Nada's dam, is that she produced daughters, not sons: four mares by Adnan and three mares by another son of Salaa El Dine, Nahaman. NK Nada has three full sisters: NK Nasrin, NK Nadirah and NK Nadeerah.

I was fascinated over the beauty of the mare, NK Nada. I think that Yaasoob favors his mother, as he is very strong in his physical look for NK Nada. I really like this horse.
“Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.”-Alex Tan
If NK Nada's name means "the misty water on the flowers", then this special water, suitable for only the most precious flower, flowed from the eyes of angels, who cried when they bore witness to the beauty of NK Nada. She is that beautiful, that extravagant, a delicate and rare flower, feminine and graceful, a celebration of elegance and splendor. And now, my eyes sting and the water flows, as suddenly, NK Nada's flower begins to bloom...


the son of the delicately beautiful flower of Ezzain and now, the promise of the future for Ezzain, as Usamah continues to breed the celebrated horse of his desert fathers. May God be forever praised for all the wonder and beauty He blesses upon the earth.

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