Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunny Weather

In February 2008, I wrote about the son of Ansata AlMurtajiz, Suror Ezzain. Do you remember this beautiful horse? Suror's full sister remains at Ezzain Arabians. Her name is Azhaar Ezzain. Like her brother, Azhaar is uniquely bred,  having only one line to Hanan, through the tail female line of her dam (Hanan is her great-great grandmother). Her dam's ancestors are horses that are rapidly disappearing in today's Egyptian Arabian Horse bloodlines: There is Gharib, there is Tuhotmos, there is Hadban Enzahi, there is Galal and there is Ghazal, as well as the complementary influence that her sire offers through Sameh and all the imported Babson horses (except for Bint Bint Durra).

Bred to NK Qaswarah, this wonderful mare produced one of my favorite fillies at Ezzain, Shamsilshmous Ezzain, the best of all suns. I love the extreme tail carriage on this filly. She has retained all of the wonderful qualities that come from Azhaar's pedigree like her substance, her smoothness, her balance and harmony, and yet, she has been richly influenced by the elegance and refinement that comes from NK Qaswarah. Her neck is a little longer, with a little more length in the mitbah. Her head has a sharply defined, very prominent bone structure, with a larger sized jowl and the quality of her skin is so fine, that her veins look like they are popping out of her face. Her muzzle is fine, not thick and the desert look is accentuated by nostrils which are large and delicate. However, did you see her eyes? They are beautiful and completely black, round in shape and luminous, as if they are deep pools of sparkling obsidian-colored water.

For me, it is personally challenging to identify my favorite Ezzain horse, because of the consistency that this program is producing, over and over and over. However, if I could commit to writing such a list, Shamsilshmous would be at the top, with Hooreyah Ezzain and Dorrah Ezzain closely behind her. These 3 mares would help me to capture that mystical horse, who gallops all day in my mind, looking for a way out into the wide, wide world.

Still dreaming, Still hoping, Still wishing and always living.

PS Usamah's son, Jaber, took this fantastic photo. I wanted to make sure to credit him, as he is an excellent photographer.

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