Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This super-refined bay filly is a full sister to Annesilnefous Ezzain. For me, she is a living standard for what the ultimate in feminine elegance should look like. Her brother is equally refined, with a sculpted look made extreme by the translucence quality of his skin. There is no fat to blurry the definition of his bone structure. We see this quality also in his sister. Like her name, her femininity glows, in the same way that a most precious pearl would glow.  She is sired by NK Qaswarah and is out of NK Momtaza, a tail female line Saqlawiyah Jedraniyah, tracing to Moniet el Nefous. Her name is Dorrah Ezzain. Her face is short and wide, with round, full, lusminous, deep black eyes. The definition in her face, highlights both veins and bones, is dramatic and conveys the translucence of her skin. Once, I tried to define quality and I experienced a difficult time trying to find the correct meaning. I thought of quality, expressed in the quality of the horse's hide, almost as if there wasn't enough skin to cover the entire horse and while stretching it taughtly over the horses body, resulting in a very tight fit, which accentuates every curve, every bump, every line in the horse's body. That's quality and that is what I am thinking, when I see this filly. Her muzzle is fine and tapered. It is not meaty or thick and yet, her nostrils, with a delicate curve are large and add to the powerful impression of classic type overall. Her ears are smaller, and very sharp, the points curving inwards. I love smaller sized ears and they complement an already outstanding filly.

Sometimes the light of heaven appears here on earth, if only for a brief second or two. It can be a manifested as a rainbow, a delicate flower, the melodic song of a bird or even in the ethereal beauty of a horse like Dorrah. I always wonder if this is a blessing sent our way, to remind us that as beautiful as this world may be, there is something more incredible waiting for us, so beautiful that we can't comprehend it. Sometimes, we miss this fleeting glimpse of heavenly beauty but if we work at it, to sharpen our awareness, how encouraging and inspiring will our lives become, when we realize how abundantly blessed we really are?

Keep wishing, keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep living,

I must give credit to Jaber Alkazemi, Usamah's son, who took this beautiful picture of Dorrah.

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