Friday, July 23, 2010


“Behind closed eyes, colors fade and blend into beautiful new creations. Fate is left at the shaking hands of our imaginations. How, then, does our heart feel as if racing in the anticipation of a dream?”-Nicholas
Altafilbari Ezzain is sired by NK Qaswarah and out of Ajmal Ibtihaj (Adnan x Alijamila). Her delightful joy is manifested in her action, as if she is shouting at the top of her lungs, "Zweena! Zweena! I'm beautiful!  I'm beautiful!" I look for a poem or even a song, which celebrates the freedom, the exuberance, the joy that Altaafibari has for life but I find none that can express this heavenly feeling, made glorious by a little filly. She was bred by Usamah Alkazemi of Ezzain Arabians in Kuwait and captured on film by Jenni Ogden.

We have talked of Usamah's super stallion, NK Qaswarah. I marveled over his mitbah in Bedouin Beauty. As a son of NK Hafid Jamil, NK Qaswarah is a most elegant horse and certainly, one of the most refined Egyptian Arabian stallions in our community. At a young age, he has already surpassed the quality that horses much older than he have yet to achieve.

When Usamah shared the pictures with me, I was caught off-guard. The beauty of Altafilbari is so unexpected. Usamah is a very excellent breeder and has bred horses that have made me lose my breath in wonder. So why the surprise? Never, have I seen a picture that has made me so intoxicated and light-headed, the beauty of this filly pushing me off the edge of any rational thought. I shared her picture with Shawn Crews of Arabians Ltd., who said,
"There is no question who this baby looks like and it is not just the color. Looks just like Grandma!!!"

The *Jamil daughter, Ansata Justina, when bred to Ruminaja Ali, produced a rare black pearl: Alijamila.
Alijamila was foaled in 1987, bred by Hank and Phyllis Browning and was later sold to Mr. Mohammed Bin Jassim Al Marzouk of the Ajmal Stud in Kuwait. She has produced a number of sons and daughters, i.e. Al Baraki, Thee Atticus, Bint Bint Justina, Bint Alijamila, Ajmal Jumanah, Ajmal Jamila, Shabab Jamal to mention a few of the outstanding progeny she has produced. I envy Mr. Usamah Alkazemi for the great blessing that God has made in his life, with a daughter of Alijamila in his breeding program. In Alijamila's tail female line, she traces through Ansata Bint Sameh to Farida.


This lovely black filly, with a super-smooth body, a strong connection of hip, croup, loin and hindquarter PLUS the longer, more upright set neck; captures within her physical body many of the qualities that I have learned to appreciate as coming from Farida. When she matures, she will be an outstanding broodmare.

There is a dreamy quality about Alijamila. I will never forget this about her. When she was in America and you looked at her, it was almost like you wanted to focus your vision but somehow, her beauty was so overpowering, so extreme, you just couldn't do it. She overwhelmed all of your senses. She was ultra-feminine, delicate and fine, ethereal, maybe even a character which stepped out of one of the Black Stallion books, a mare worthy of being bred to The Black, because he only bred the best. Now, it appears that her look-alike grand-daughter, Altafilbari Ezzain, will carry the legacy of this beautiful mare, Alijamila, so that another generation will be enchanted by a black pearl. Now I can suddenly focus, now I can dream, now I can only imagine what may happen next.

Keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep wishing, keep living,

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