Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hebatilbari Ezzain

I saw this picture of the NK Qaswarah-sired daughter, Hebatilbari Ezzain, out of the Ibn Nedjy daughter, NK Hebbattollah (out of mare NK Hallah, who is by Adnan and out of Asfoura) and I went crazy. I mean really crazy! I couldn't think of anything else for more than a little while. Really! Again, like NK Nadeyrah, I love a mare who can S-T-R-E-T-C-H her neck out...POP...and relax her back, using those back muscles to really utilize her body more efficiently and not killing her joints...ouch! In addition to her strong topline, what I like about Hebatilbari the most is, her overall smoothness and the harmonious balance of her body. She has a very old-world look about her, which makes me think of the court of King Louis XV,  in Versailles and this mare, with a beautiful woman astride, executing the classical movements of a high-school trained horse. It's this baroque quality that I see from time-to-time in these horses that remind me why I love the Egyptian Arabian so much.  A 3-circle horse...I think Raswan came up with this term. It's the fullness of the hindquarter circle, matched by the fullness of the barrel circle, matched by the fullness of chest circle...everything matches...ahhh, harmony, the roundness, the curvey lines, as if someone was suddenly inspired with the concept of a circle and tried to insert as many circles as possible, in this mare's body. No kidding. No surprise to find Ansata Halim Shah, still very relevant, still influential and still at work to create this look in this super nice filly. I love her.

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