Sunday, August 1, 2010

His name is Nooreddine

This beautiful stallion is Nooreddine Ezzain. He was bred by Usamah Alkazemi of Ezzain Arabians. With so many beautiful horses calling Ezzain "home", it is difficult to choose one horse as "favorite", when what I really want to say is that all the Ezzain horses are my favorites.  In July of 2006, Nooreddine Ezzain was my favorite Ezzain-bred horse. He still is.

Living so far from Kuwait, I have missed seeing this colt mature and blossom into the most pleasing stallion that he is today. Why should I be so surprised? As a son of Ansata Almurtajiz and NK Nada, beauty is written in his genes. Nooreddine Ezzain is now owned by Alward Arabians. Prior to leaving Ezzain, he sired 6 foals: Mayyas Ezzain out of Dhuha Al Nakeeb (NK Hafid Jamil x Sabha Bint Ibn Halima), Nasseirah Ezzain and Omneyah Ezzain out of Moniet Ezzain (Salaa el Dine x NK Momtaza), Moneerah Ezzain out of Ajmal Ibtihaj (Adnan x Alijamila) and Aaleiah Ezzain and Albaheiah Ezzain out of NK Nakeebya (NK Hafid Jamil x Nabilah), who are pictured, right and left, respectively.

When Usamah shared the pictures of Nooreddine's progeny, I was stunned. The beautiful stallion, my favorite stallion, is an excellent and highly favored sire. His progeny are elegant, refined and consistent in their correctness and classic type. Of the six Nooreddine-sired horses, my personal favorites are the full sisters out of NK Nakeebya, who is a NK Hafid Jamil daughter out of Nabilah (by Nahaman, and out of Nashua).


Nooreddine is out of a daughter of Nashua, NK Nada!  NK Nada is sired by Adnan, while Nabilah is a Nahaman daughter.  To further underscore how closely related these mares are, both Nahaman and Adnan are Salaa El Dine sons.

What's the difference?

Nahaman is out of Ameera, a Madkour I daughter out of Hanan, while Adnan is out of Ghazala, a Ghazal daughter out of Hanan. So, the difference in pedigree between NK Nakeebya and NK Nada are two horses: Madkour I and Ghazal.


While Nooreddine is of the Hadban Enzahi strain, physically, he resembles the type of horse that we have come to associate with the Dahman strain. Why? Well, he is harmonious and a balanced blend of Kuhaylan and Saqlawi type, as you would expect in Dahman type.


However, the main reason, I believe, is the continuing influence of just one horse. Nooreddine Ezzain is sired by Ansata Almurtajiz, who traces to Bukra, in both of his tail female lines. In Nooreddine Ezzain's pedigree, there are six lines to Bukra. His daughters, Aaleiah and Albaheiah have thirteen lines to Bukra, as their dam NK Nakeebya brings in seven additional lines. WOW! NK Nakeebya is sired by NK Hafid Jamil, who offers additional lines to Bukra, through Salaa El Dine, Ansata Gloriana and Ghazal.

Almost 70 years from her date of foaling, the influence of the RAS grey mare, Bukra, can still be seen and felt in today's Egyptian Arabian Horses. She remains extremely relevant in our gene pool and one of our most precious and critical foundation horses, as she is a primary source of classic Egyptian Arabian Horse type.

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