Saturday, August 14, 2010


"A large, dark, almost round eye is typical for the Arabian horse. Longish or oval eyes are not acceptable. One necessary condition for a perfect eye is a particular shape of the upper head tending to broadness. In other words, a relatively wide forehead with eye sockets clearly directed outwards. These prominent eye sockets allow the basically round eyes to emerge clearly from the socket. All this together makes for a broad appearance of the upper skull with the eyes clearly visible from the front and even from behind."-Dr. Hans Nagel
And then, Usamah sent me a picture of his new colt, Qazalle, sired by NK Qaswarah and out of Anwaar Ezzain to further underscore all that we have learned from Dr. Nagel. I am amazed over the consistency of Usamah Alkazemi's breeding program for producing straight Egyptian Arabian horses with ideal eyes.


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