Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Her name is Jureiah

When Usamah Alkazemi purchased the young mare, NK Jurie from Katharinenhof, little did he know at the time, how this purchase would impact the future of Ezzain Arabians. NK Jurie was the first foal sired by NK Hafid Jamil, out of the Salaa el Dine daughter, NK Nariman, who is a daughter of the *Jamil-sired mare, Amarilla. The more he saw NK Jurie, the more Usamah felt that crossing NK Hafid Jamil with NK Nariman produced a horse that is closest to his ideal. He made it a priority to purchase all of the offspring produced by NK Hafid Jamil and NK Nariman. So, that is how Jurie's full sisters: NK Alamirah and NK Lolowah plus Jurie's full brother, NK Qaswarah, the chief sire at Ezzain Arabians, became part of Usamah's life and for the roles these horses are playing in the future of this very bright breeding farm. NK Qaswarah is the sire of this precious filly, whom Usamah has named, Jooreiah.
"I was hoping that I would get fillies from Jurie, Alamirah and Lolowah to breed back to Qaswarah and God destined Alamirah and Jurie to be bred to him and the result, thanks be to God,was Hooreyah and Jureiah, two of the best of NK Qaswarah's fillies."
The pedigree for both NK Qaswarah and NK Jurie is fascinating, concentrated as they are in the bloodlines of two of the most important foundation mares in Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding: Farida and Bukra. Already at a very young age, Jooreiah is extraordinary!


In NK Jurie's pedigree, Farida appears six times, while Bukra appears seven times. When bred to her full brother, NK Qaswarah, the lines to Farida and Bukra are doubled, twelve and fourteen lines respectively, in this filly's pedigree! I don't believe that there are horses who have as much or more concentration of either mare in their pedigree. It will be interesting to watch Jureiah grow and mature into an elegant and dazzling Dahmah Shahwaniyah, as her bloodlines predict that she will.

EnJoy your horses,

PS I must give credit to Jennifer Ogden, who somehow managed to capture the beauty of this exquisite filly on film. Many thanks to Usamah and to Jenni for this picture.

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