Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Safeyyah Ezzain

Safeyyah Ezzain is out of NK Nakeebya, sired by Ansata AlMurtajiz. She is closely related to Aaliyah and Albaheiah Ezzain because the sire of these two mares is Nooreddine, a son of Ansata AlMurtajiz. As a matte of fact, in overall type, she is closer to Albaheiah, as Safeyyah favors her sire, who is the best stallion of the contemporary post-Halima Shah Ansata horses. Time has proven that fact. Safeyyah also favors NK Nakeebya in her very correct conformation and the stretchier look that this mare passes on so strongly to her progeny. From the longer neck, to the longer forearm, to the longer back, Safeyyah embodies her mother's best characteristics. One look at her face though, and you see Ansata AlMurtajiz, who has the most expressive eyes of any Arabian horse in the world. She inherited his beautiful, soft, deeply black eye. That's important to note, as beautifully shaped, fully black eyes are getting harder to find. She is a beautiful mare, with a refined and elegant look.

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