Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bahilla Ezzain

Bahilla Ezzain is a daughter of Albaheiah Ezzain, sired by NK Qaswarah. She is a full sister to Thettwa Ezzain, the exciting young black stallion at Ezzain. Bahilla reminds me of Aaliyah, the full sister of Albaheiah. She is strong in her body, like this family is noted for and yet, she is so refined! Her look is that of a classic, with a close-coupled body accentuated by a level, smooth and strong topline. She has a fabulous neck set, which underscores the muscling in her shoulders and wide chest. Her tail carriage is amazing, with the high set tail carried away from the body. Her skin quality is excellent with deep pigmentation and the texture of her coat hair is extremely fine to the touch. Her eyes are fully black, with a very nice expressive shape. Her head is shorter and her muzzle is fine, not heavy with elastic nostrils that when fully dilated, transform her into the timeless drinker of the wind. She has a great future as one of the stars of the breeding program at Ezzain.

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