Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NK Nakeebya

NK Nakeebya is a daughter of NK Hafid Jamil out of NK Nabeelah (Nahaman x Nashua). Like NK Yasmin, NK Momtaza, Azhaar Ezzain, NK Nada, Ajmal Ibtihaj and NK Narima; Nakeebya is an extremely important mare in the Ezzain breeding program and the foundress of an influential and deeply cherished family of Hadban-strain horses. In tail female, she traces through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. We also know that the tail female of NK Hafid Jamil is Bukra, through the dam of Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Rosetta. So, in one horse, we recognize the presence of two of the most powerful lines in straight Egyptian breeding, just as they were combined in the pedigree of one of the most dearly loved horses of all time, *Ansata Ibn Halima. Nakeebya is a taller, stretchier mare, with a lot of scope. Looking at Nakeebya, once cannot help but notice the added length to all of her lines in her body. She has a fabulous long neck, well set on her body, longer, well-muscled forearms, shorter cannons, a deeper heart girth, a strong and smooth topline and generous,  powerfully muscled hindquarters. And yet, in spite of her strong and correct conformation, she has so much refinement! Her skin quality is fine with excellent pigmentation, she has big, deeply black eyes, set lower in the head and the prominence of bone in her face, accentuate the dry look of the desert. Her muzzle is not heavy nor boxy and her elastic nostrils complete a very dramatic desert profile. She remains a true queen of Ezzain.

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