Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Qattrilnada Ezzain

Qattrilnada is the daughter of NK Nada, sired by NK Qaswarah. She is a Hadbah by strain and in tail female, she traces through Kamla to Bint Samiha, the dam of Nazeer. The combination of NK Qaswarah and NK Nada accomplishes many things, one of which is the intensification of the blood of the Ansata Halim Shah son, Salaa el Dine. He appears 5 times, 3 of those times are close up, in the generation of the great grandparents. The tail female line of  NK Hafid Jamil is to Bukra through Ansata Gloriana to Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah. In many ways, one can say that in Qattrilnada, we have similar ancestral components that in the past were successfully blended together to produce a classic horse like *Ansata Ibn Halima. For many years, the influence of a beautiful mare like NK Nada could only be felt at Ezzain through the paternal side of the pedigree,  through Nada's sons Yaasoob or Nooreddine. Now, Ezzain can enjoy a more  balanced influence of NK Nada, through both the paternal and the maternal side of the pedigree, through Qattrilnada Ezzain.

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