Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jannat Ezzain

Jannat is a daughter of Jenan AlNakeeb, by NK Qaswarah. Immediately, this pedigree jumps out at you because both Jenan AlNakeeb and NK Qaswarah are sired by NK Hafid Jamil. We know that the tail female line of NK Hafid Jamil is Bukra, through Ansata Rosetta, the dam of Ansata Halim Shah (Nazeer influence) and we also know that the tail female line of Jenan AlNakeeb is Bukra, through a different source, Ansata Bint Misr (Sameh influence). It's a beautiful pedigree, concentrated in the blood of Bukra. Almost 70 years from her date of foaling, the influence of the RAS grey mare, Bukra, can still be seen and felt in today's Egyptian Arabian Horses. She remains extremely relevant in our gene pool and one of our most precious and critical foundation horses, as she is a primary source of classic Egyptian Arabian Horse type, as we can see in beautiful Jannat.

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