Friday, October 4, 2013

NK Qaswarah

NK Qaswarah is by NK Hafid Jamil and out of NK Nariman, a Salaa el Dine daughter out of the *Jamil daughter, Amarilla. He is Abeyyan by strain, as he traces to Hanan, through his tail female line. As a matter of fact, Hanan appears in the pedigree 7 times, as the dam of Ghazala, *Jamil and Salaa el Dine. However, in person, he looks more like a Dahman strain horse. Maybe the 6 lines to Bukra and the 6 lines to Halima have made a bigger impact on his phenotype than the Abeyyan side of his pedigree.  NK Qaswarah is reminiscent of the timeless horses of old, the horses depicted in cherished paintings, the type of horse that inspired Pashas, Princes and Kings. His beauty is overwhelming. There is so much to see in his presentation, that it is not possible to comprehend all that your eyes are seeing. He is that fantastic. He has a wonderful neck, that is fine and the arch of his neck, as it meets the poll, creates one of the best necks in the breed; maybe even the best. He is a most harmonious horse, his circular lines are generously curvey, smooth and flow from one line, into the next. He is well-muscled, substantial,  and every fiber of his being conveys power. And yet, he is an extraordinary horse, for his high level of refinement and outstanding classic type. Even in the smallest details, Qaswarah overflows with elegance. As perfect a specimen he is, Qaswarah is a consistent sire, equally siring stallions and mares possessing his great quality or, even better than he is. He has defined the Ezzain breeding program with a very unique look that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. NK Qaswarah is Ezzain and Ezzain, is every bit NK Qaswarah. 

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