Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ssafinaz Ezzain

Ssafinaz Ezzain is out of Naseemah AlWard and sired by Aneesilnefous Ezzain. The most interesting point to make about her pedigree is that both her dam and her sire are by NK Qaswarah. Ssafinaz is a Hadbah by strain but the other interesting part to her genetics is that her phenotype, which is deeply influenced by her great granddam, NK Nakeebya, is also influenced by the characteristics we have come to recognize as those of the Saqlawi strain, the strain of her sire, Aneesilnefous.  She has a longer neck with added length to her poll, she is longer in the leg, longer in the back, longer in the forearms...just a stretchier, scopier version of her great granddam and quite the opposite of her dam, Naseemah, who is a very close-coupled mare. Ssafinaz is an exciting, promising filly, simply because of the qualities that she can contribute to the breeding program at Ezzain. She is one of the fillies to closely watch, as she matures into her destiny as one of Ezzain's queens.

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