Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aaliyah Ezzain

Aaliyah is a NK Nakeebya daughter, sired by Nooreddine Ezzain. She is a pure-in-the-strain Hadbah, as both her sire and dam are of the Hadban strain. Nakeebya's dam, NK Nabeelah is a Nashua daughter, while Nooreddine's dam, NK Nada is a Nashua daughter. The maternal lines of both sire and dam are closely related. as the sires of NK Nabeelah and NK Nada are Salaa el Dine sons. Really, the only differences are the sires, Madkour I (Ameera) and Ghazal (Ghazala).  Aaliyah is one of my favorite mares at Ezzain. She inherited the very correct, very strong body of her mother. She has much substance and power. And yet, for as powerfully built as this mare is, she is so refined and elegant! Her back is shorter and her topline is strong and smooth, as it flows into powerfully muscled shoulders.  Her neck is well set on her wide and strong chest and she has extra length in her poll. It's just a graceful picture of harmony, symmetry and beauty. She has excellent skin quality, deeply pigmented and the prominence of bone and vein in her face is outstanding. Her muzzle is very fine and delicate and is accentuated with elastic nostrils that when fully dilated, heighten the dramatic features of a desert horse to overwhelm the senses.

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