Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jenan Alnakeeb

Jenan AlNakeeb is a NK Hafid Jamil daughter out of an Imperial Immarouf (Ansata Imperial x Glorieta Maarqesa) daughter. In her tail female line, she traces to Bukra, through her dam, Ansata Sabika, a granddaughter of the beautiful, bay colored daughter of Ansata Samarra, a Jamil daughter out of Ansata Samantha. She is a beautiful Dahmah strain mare with excellent pigmentation. Her elegance oozes out of her fine skin, which accentuates the dramatic contours of her drier face, including the prominent and chiseled facial bones. She has smaller sized ears with a very nice shape. Her eyes are large, round, fully black and set lower in her head. Her nostrils are elastic and underscore the authentic look of this mare. She is representative of the strength of the Dahman program at Ezzain.

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