Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bahei Ezzain

Bahei , is a son of NK Qaswarah and Dhuha Alnakeeb. It is interesting to note that both sire and dam are sired by NK Hafid Jamil, which should alert you to the fact that NK Hafid Jamil is known for improving the overall level of refinement in his get. So, what happens when you double his influence? Bahei is the answer, as he embodies a new standard of excellence. NK Qaswarah adds three more lines to *Ansata Ibn Halima in the pedigree, bringing the total number of lines to nine.  The influence of Farida is balanced by the influence of Bukra, as Bahei carries approximately 10 lines. This is a significant point to underscore as the majority of Bahei’s pedigree carries the influence of the two most important mares of the Dahman strain. In phenotype, Bahei is strongly influenced by his dam, Dhuha Alnakeeb, as he resembles her and embodies all that you would expect from a traditional, classic Dahman horse.  While Dhuha is a strong horse, Bahei has also been influenced by the refinement and elegance that NK Qaswarah  is known for passing on to his get. Bahei’s neck is a little longer than his mother’s, a little finer and cleaner in the underline, which stretches all the way into the mitbah.

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