Sunday, September 22, 2013

Addilham Ezzain

Addilham is a son of Aneesilnefous, out of Shamsilshmous Ezzain. He is Abeyyan by strain and it shows in his physique, as he is a very upright, very showy, fancy colt! Influenced by the Saqlawi strain of his sire, he favors the Saqlawi influence of the Abeyyan strain. He has length of leg, length of back, length of neck...all in proportion. He is a harmonious colt. When he is at liberty in the pasture, every now and then, you see a little bit of his dam expressed in his self-carriage and in his facial features. At a young age, his head shows refinement and elegance, with a dryness that is normally not seen in young colts.

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