Friday, December 23, 2011

Albaheiah Ezzain

There is a reason why the stallion Nooreddine Ezzain is one of my favorite horses bred by Usamah Alkazemi of Ezzain Arabian Stud in Kuwait. The reason is Albaheiah Ezzain and she is the oldest daughter of Nooreddine Ezzain and NK Nakeebya, a NK Hafid Jamil daughter out of Nabilah (Nahaman x Nashua). Through both her sire and dam, Albaheiah traces to the mare, Nashua, a Salaa el Dine daughter out of the Alaa El Din daughter, Lotfeia, a Babolna broodmare who also became an important broodmare for Katharinenhof, producing the stallion Nejdy, as well as Nashua. Both NK Nakeebya and Nooreddine are grand progeny of Nashua, as each horse is out of a Nashua daughter. NK Nakeebya is out of Nabilah, while Nooreddine is out of Nada. 
"The remarkable fact about Nashua is that she produced daughters, not sons: four mares by Adnan and three mares by another son of Salaa El Dine, Nahaman. NK Nada has three full sisters: NK Nasrin, NK Nadirah and NK Nadeerah."
To further underscore how closely related Nooreddine and NK Nakeebya are; both Nahaman and Adnan are Salaa El Dine sons. Nahaman is out of Ameera, a Madkour I daughter out of Hanan, while Adnan is out of Ghazala, a Ghazal daughter out of Hanan. So, the difference in pedigree between NK Nakeebya and NK Nada are two horses: Madkour I and Ghazal. 

I love many things about this mare, Albaheiah. She is a taller mare with a nice, wide chest conveying substance but still, very refined and elegant. She has  fine skin quality with excellent  pigmentation. I like the prominence of the bone in her face. Her muzzle with the larger sized nostril is not heavy or meaty and accentuates the shape of the head, which is shorter and wider with the loveliest black eyes, deep, round and placed lower in the head with much width between them. She is close-coupled and her back is strong and smooth. Her tail carriage is extreme; even while standing, her tail is like a flag, proudly carried.

I admire the courage and the vision of Usamah Alkazemi. The horse that he is producing, is an ultra-refined, elegant Arabian, the horse of Kings. Every time that I feel that he has reached the pinnacle and can go no farther, along comes yet another horse to prove how wrong I was in my thoughts. He has bred Albaheiah to Yaasoob Ezzain, who is also closely related to Nooreddine, as he is also out of NK Nada. 

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