Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Ezzain Saqlawiyah

Moniet Ezzain by Salaa el Dine out of NK Momtaza, secures the place of reverence that we have for her dam, NK Momtaza, as one of the most influential mares in the Ezzain breeding program. She has produced three daughters for the breeding program, the full sisters, Nasseyrah Ezzain and Omneyah Ezzain, both by Nooreddine and the up-and-coming filly, Najeiah Ezzain by NK Qaswarah. Her daughters, Nasseyrah and Omneyah are spreading the influence of the Momtaza family further into the future with their progeny. Nasseyrah has produced two daughters, Mardeiah by Aneesilnefous and Hhawra by Yaasoob. It is important to say that Mardeiah is a pure-in-the-strain Saqlawiyah, as both her sire and dam trace to Momtaza in the tail female line. Omneyah produced  a spectacular filly named Amaani Ezzain by NK Qaswarah. This beautiful mare, Moniet Ezzain, physically embodies the very essence that defines Saqlawi type in the authentic Arabian horse.

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